Make Some Easy Sweet Treats For Your Valentine

Sweet Treats For Valentine's Day, closeup of heart shaped Valentine's Day cookies and a pink mug, food & drinks
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Valentine's Day desserts your valentine will love!

Treats For Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is nearly here and you're probably already thinking about what to do for the special day! For many couples, Valentine's Day is a fun day to show appreciation for each other and to have a little bit of romance in an otherwise busy life. It's the perfect time to let loose and spend a little undivided time together.

To help you out a little this year, we gathered a few adorable and delicious Valentine's Day treats for you to make that will help show your valentine just how much you care. If they have a sweet tooth, then they're going to love these for cookies, truffles, and more! Best of all, you'll get to have fun making them (and eating a few too)!

Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies

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Everyone loves a good sugar cookie, and these thin, tasty cookies are no exception! The marbled cookies look like they could be a little complicated, but they're actually pretty easy once you learn the trick to it - alternate balls of red and white dough and simply roll it out to get that marbled effect. Pretty cool, huh? Try different colors for other holiday!

Find the recipe here.

Cupid Bites

via Seeded at the Table

Cupid Bites are delicious, little shortbread cookies that are as tasty as they are easy to make. They only require six ingredients and 45 minutes total to prep and cook before they're done. Once they're done, you can wrap them up in adorable Valentine's Day bags to distribute to your loved ones. The recipe also has adaptations for Halloween and Christmas versions.

Find the recipe here.

Valentine's Day Linzer Cookies

via Cooking Classy

While these heart-shaped Valentine's Day Linzer cookies take a while to make, they're totally worth it! Not only are they adorable, but they're delicious too! Linzer cookies usually make an appearance at Christmas, but with the bright red jam and a heart-shaped cookie cutter, they really do make the perfect Valentine's Day cookie.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops

via Timeout With Mom

Everyone loves Oreos, but do you know what's better than an Oreo? Oreos covered in chocolate! These particular chocolate covered Oreos are put on sticks like cake pops, which gives you the freedom to get creative and decorate them like a cake pop too!

Find the recipe here.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

via Wild Wild Whisk

There's something about raspberry and dark chocolate that is so satisfying, and you get to enjoy in these Raspberry Chocolate Truffles! Truffles are actually pretty easy and fun to make, and once you've made one recipe, you'll want to make more! Your valentine will love these, and won't notice if you keep a few for yourself!

Find the recipe here.

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