How To Start 2019 Off On the Right Foot

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There's a better way to better yourself this year!

How To Set Goals For 2019

It can be pretty disheartening to hear that approximately 80 percent of New Year's resolutions are broken by mid-February. Excited by the new year, people pile into gyms with the goal of looking and feeling better, but doesn't take long before life catches up and they stop going.

Wanting to change yourself for the better is always a worthy goal, but the truth is, using New Year's resolutions might not be the best way to change your life. There are better ways that are more likely to stick, to become habits that will change your life.

If New Year's resolutions have't worked for you in the past, read this tips on a different approach to a better 2019!

Set Your Intentions

Knowing you want to better your life is the first step. The second step is figuring out exactly what you'd like to change about yourself and your life. Do you want to go back to school and finish your degree? Learn a new language? Maybe write more throughout the new year? That's great! It's important to figure out what you want out of the new year, what your intentions are.

Now get a blank notebook and write down all your goals for 2019. Try to keep them on the realistic side if you can. For example, you probably won't win the lottery this year and become a millionaire. You could, however, find a new job that pays better and start building your savings.

Know You Can't Do Everything At Once

No matter how much you'd like to begin working on all your new goals right away and see all these immediate changes, it just isn't realistic. It's the reason why so many New Year's resolutions fail. People try to take on too much at one time and aren't able to keep up. Eventually, they tend to just fall back into old habits because it gets exhausting.

If you have several bigger goals you'd like to accomplish throughout the year, space out them out. It's likely you won't be able to give each of them your full attention at the same time anyway. Figure out which ones are the most important or pressing and start working toward those goals first while keeping the others in the back of your mind for a later date.

Create Micro Goals

Creating micro goals for yourself to accomplish will help you reach your overall goals throughout the year. Micro goals are a way to break down your long-term goals into smaller, more manageable goals that you can accomplish. Research has actually found that achieving your micro goals actually rewires your brain. Your dopamine levels increase each time you set and achieve a micro goal, fueling toward your larger goal at hand and increasing your productivity in the long run.

Periodically Evaluate and Re-evaluate Your Goals

It's useful to look over your goals and accomplishments at certain intervals throughout the year. Whether it is once a month or once a quarter, reflecting on what worked for you and what didn't will give you the chance to figure out what you need to do next. Sometimes you many need to tweak or change your goals and that's okay! It doesn't make you a failure to have to step back, especially if something is having a negative impact on your life or your health. Our lives are always changing and our goals should change with us. Something even better could come out of it and you would never know if you didn't adapt.

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