Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It These 7 Southern Romance Novels?

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Discover your Southern roots!

Southern Romance Books

This time of year, the South is hot, but these Southern romance novels are hotter!

First off, when we colloquially say "the South," we mean the southern United States. The South is very different than other parts of the country and can be a great setting for a romance book or series. The heat and humidity are always a great way to rile characters up while they're falling in love with each other.

From the bayous to bigger cities like Atlanta and New Orleans to small towns, Southern romance novels can offer readers so many great, unique settings that shouldn't be missed. The South is as vast as any other part of the country and provides the setting for hundreds of great romance novels!

1. The Heat Between Us by Cheris Hodges


Michael Jane's hired to create the first jazz festival in Atlanta and wants it to rival in huge yearly one in New Orleans. This will mean MJ will be hiring Jamal Carver for festival security, a man she's had a crush on for a while now. The former marine has longed to give up his bachelorhood for MJ. But no matter how much their passion grows, she's determined to keep things strictly business between them. Can't MJ see they do so much better together?

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2. Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas


Liberty Jones' dreams were always so much bigger than Welcome, Texas. Hardy Cates feels the same way. He knows he shouldn't get wrapped up with Liberty, but their attraction proves stronger than his determination. After Hardy leaves town, Liberty is left alone with a younger sister to raise and meets a tycoon. Folks think he's just a sugar daddy, but their relationship is much deeper than that. Of course, that's when Hardy comes rolling back into town, ready to upend her world all over again.

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3. Worth Searching For by Wendy Qualls


After getting disowned by conservative Peruvian parents, Lito Apaza moved to Atlanta and built a happy and successful life on his own terms. However, he gets relocated to a small town in Alabama where he's sure to stick out like a sore, gay thumb. He meets Dave Schmidt, a former dog handler in the military who now runs a K9 search-and-rescue team. Their hookups quickly grow from hot and string-free to more complicated as they fall for each other. But first, one of them will have to make a move.

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4. Winds of the Storm by Beverly Jenkins


In the midst of the Civil War, Archer Le Veq's life was saved by a woman only known as the Butterfly. Later, even during Reconstruction, Archer still yearns for the woman who saved him from certain death. After the war, Zahra Lafayette left intrigue behind her. But when she gets asked to help keep the South's freedmen safe, she agrees to pose as a madam in a New Orleans brothel to do her part. In walks Archer, handsome and arrogant. Zahra knows she'll have to guard her heart if she's to complete her mission.

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5. Count on Me by Lauren Dane


When Caroline Mendoza left her hometown of Petal, Georgia, it was to become lawyer and return so she could prove her father was in prison for a crime he didn't commit: the murder of her mother. Nothing will stand in Caroline's way, not the gossipy townspeople and definitely not her own family. She finds an ally in organic farmer Royal who, for as hot as he is, is also a distraction. Especially when the real killer knows Caroline is hot on his heels.

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6. In My Heart by Bette Hawkins


It's 1958 and Alice Johnson is an amateur guitarist and songwriter in a small town. Everyone is pushing her to find a man, any man, and settle down like the other young women in town. But Alice doesn't want that. They she hears the voice of up-and-coming country singer Dorothy Long and becomes driven, even writing songs that would be perfect for Dorothy's voice. Alice never expected them to actually meet, but when they do, she winds up on the road, soon sharing a stage with Dorothy. And a bed.

Get In My Heart

7. Southern Player by Jessica Peterson


Former major-league-baseball-player-turned-farmer Luke Rogers is something of a player. Gracie owns a thriving business but has a less-than-thriving sex and dating history. That's why she wants her older brother's best friends to help her out. And it's all fantastic until Luke drops a bomb on Gracie: he doesn't just want a hookup, he wants the real thing with her. Gracie doesn't know if she can risk her heart to a supposedly retired player.

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