Signs Someone Is Stalking You On Facebook | 2018


Signs Someone Is Stalking You On Facebook | 2018

People joke around about Facebook stalking pretty often, even going so far as to say they themselves Facebook stalk their new crush's profile. It's become part of our vernacular. However, there are people out there that will actually stalk you on Facebook, spending tons of time on your profile page, checking out who you're friends with, and looking through all your photos. Facebook stalking sounds a lot less funny when it starts happening to you and actually threatens your sense of safety and well-being. To help you be prepared in the event that someone starts Facebook stalking you, we've made a list of signs to look out for.

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They Comment Or Like All Your Posts

You don't even know them all that well, but they never fail to like and comment on every single thing you post. It doesn't seem that weird at first because they're a new Facebook friend, but after a while, it starts to feel a little weird. Sure, some people do spend hours each day going through their timeline, which makes it hard to tell if someone is Facebook stalking you. It is important to see if they tick any of the other boxes that are common for Facebook stalkers.

They Like Or Comment On Old Posts Or Photos

If you begin getting likes or comments on your old posts or photos, be wary - it means they've been going through your account. It's normal for someone to look through some of your photos when you're new friends. They're likely trying to get a sense of you as a person. However, it gets kind of weird when your notifications suddenly blow up because they're liking all your old prom photos from high school. Something else to watch out for is if you receive a notification that someone liked an old post but when you go to the post, the like is gone. It means they've been creeping through your timeline, accidentally liked your post, and unliked it just as quickly.

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They're At The Top Of Your Friends List

You don't willingly interact with them all that much, but for some reason, they're at the top of your friends list on your profile page. Facebook's algorithms calculate the number of friends you have in common with other people and how much you interact with them and base your top friends off of that. If someone suddenly sores through the ranks and becomes a top friend without you interacting with them all that much, it might mean they've been spending a lot of time on your profile. Watch out!

Creepy Comments And Messages

This sign tends to be a dead giveaway. Someone you either just met or don't know all that well messages you out of the blue. Sometimes people are just trying to expand their friend circle or may find out cute and want to get to know you better. That's all fine. But there are always the people that message you or comment on your posts that immediately strike you (and all the friends you showed) as creepy. Things they say turn suggestive or they just won't stop message you no matter how long it takes you to reply to them. Creepy comments and messages are a huge sign of having a Facebook stalker.

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Trust Your Gut

This one is probably the most important. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, your body is likely trying to warn you. Listen to you intuition. You don't owe anyone anything, least of all someone that is cyberstalking you. They might want your attention but that doesn't mean they deserve it. If they're making you feel uncomfortable or creeped out, there's a reason why. Block them if you have to, screenshot their messages as evidence, and tell your friends about what is going on.

Sure, it won't develop into anything more often than not, but you can never be too careful. Put yourself, your mental health, and your safety first.