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The Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck By Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions, the monthly subscription box that "is curated to have beautiful tools for nourishing your divine feminine and growing your spiritual practice," recently released a deck of oracle cards called the Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck. I was gifted with the oracle deck by Goddess Provisions in exchange for an honest review. I was really excited when they first contacted me as I was already a fan of Goddess Provisions and am excited to share my experience with the Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck.

The Art and Cards

via Goddess Provisions

The box the Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck came in is thick, sturdy cardboard that will hold up to a lot of wear and tear. I've had thin, almost papery boxes get banged up pretty quickly, but don't think that will be the case with this box. The box is durable and coated in a nice glossy paper. It also has thumb-cuts in the side to make it easier to open the box. The box itself is gorgeous with artwork on the front and six small examples of the cards within on the back of the back of the box. When you open the box, there is more gorgeous artwork. The box is great and better than many of the card boxes I've accumulated over the years.

The artist of the Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck, Tatiana Vedenkina, did a fantastic job on each of the 55 cards in the deck. Each card is colorful and vibrant, and the artwork is unique to each card but it's obvious that it's all from the same deck. Looking at the artwork just makes you feel happy and excited to be working with the deck. While all the cards are gorgeous, some of my favorite cards include Connect With Water, Journal, Clear Your Energy Field, Connect With Crystals, and Grounding Visualization.

The cards themselves are made of thick card stock that hold up well when shuffled. I admit, I had an accident in which I bumped into a table and my coffee mug sloshed coffee on the cards. I scooped them up, ran to the kitchen, and wiped off the ones that got wet as quickly as possible. The cards turned out just fine, no water damage whatsoever!

You can find Tatiana Vedenkina on Instagram @rainbowforester and buy her art on etsy.

Using the Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck has been a really positive experience. The first time I used them, I drew the Journal card and that day, I took the time to write in my journal after weeks feeling uninspired. I was inspired to have a pretty great writing session.

All the cards have wonderful self-care suggestions and, if you're interested in or find self-care important, you'll love the Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck as much as do. I completely recommend checking it out!

The Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deckis $33. Download the free digital guidebook here.

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