Listen to These 8 Romance Podcasts for A Little Love In Your Life

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Take a break from reading and give these romance podcast a listen!

Romance Podcasts

Most people love a good podcast! They're perfect for when you have a commute to work, need something to listen to while cleaning, or simply want to unwind for the night. If you're a fan of romance, you're in luck because there are plenty of great romance podcasts out there to listen to!

This round up of romance podcasts has a little bit of everything! From book recommendations to interviews with your favorite romance authors to gay and lesbian romance podcasts, you're sure to find something you'll love! Scroll on down and find your next favorite podcast!

Smart Podcast Trashy Books

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Put out by the website Smart Bitches Trashy Books, the Smart Podcast Trashy Books podcast is a smörgåsbord of romance topics. The podcast comes out each Friday and includes talks with "authors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, publishing professionals, editors, and librarians, or combinations thereof." They also include book recommendations!

Les Do Books

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The Lesbian Talkshow, created by The Lesbian Review, has a variety of different shows geared toward lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and any other ladies who like ladies. One show in particular, Les Do Books, covers a ton of lesbian romance novels including author interviews and top book lists by topic.

Thirst Aid Kit

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From journalist Bim Adewunmi and writer Nichole Perkins, Thirst Aid Kit isn't exactly a romance podcast, but it's a podcast romance fans will enjoy nevertheless. The premise of the podcast is to focus on an actor and discuss why they think he's hot. The show begins with piece of fan fiction one of them wrote before they get into why the actor is appealing. They even had a phone interview with Chris Evans while he was on the set of Avengers: Infinity War during his episode.

Read Me Romance

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Authors Tessa Bailey and Alexa Riley host Read Me Romance, a podcast in which they "bring you a new, original audiobook novella every week from one of your favorite authors." A segment of the audiobook gets released Monday through Thursday, with the story wrapping up on Friday in a happily ever after.

The Lesbian Romantic

via The Lesbian Romantic

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The Lesbian Romantic is a story-telling podcast produced by Sigrid, who writes and reads each of the on-going stories on the podcast. Similar to an audiobook, the podcast currently has four stories out with a new one to be released soon.

All the Kissing

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All the Kissing podcast is created by the website All the Kissing, a site run by romance authors dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with other writers. The great part of the site is that they're all at different stages in their "path to publication," offering a very rounded view in the role of the romance writer. The podcast is a continuation of the site where they cover "anything and everything" romance writers need to know about making it in the business.

Jeff and Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast

via Jeff and Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast

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Fans of gay romance novels will love Jeff and Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast, a podcast hosted by husbands and authors, Jeff Adams and Will Knauss. The weekly podcast not only has gay romance book recommendations and author interviews, but also explores gay pop culture.

The Wicked Wallflowers Club

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The Wicked Wallflowers Club is a podcast hosted by romance writer Sarah Hawley and writer and sex positivity activist Jenny Nordbak. The weekly podcast features "deep dives" into new romance releases and interviews with authors, publicists, readers, book reviewers, and other professionals in the industry. Entertainment Weekly described it as a "podcast about romance fiction [that] takes the guilt out of 'guilty pleasure'."

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