7 Romance Novels That Bravely Feature Abortion

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Let's normalize abortion in romance!

Romance Books With Abortion

If you're paying attention to the news, then I'm sure you know the threats to abortion happening across the United States. While abortion has shown up on TV and other media more and more, it's still rare for romance novels to feature abortion.

Romance novels have become a lot more feminist over the years, but for whatever reason, books with abortions are lagging behind. Thankfully, it seems to be something writers are eager to take on, particularly in light of recent efforts to limit access to abortion across the country.

If you'd like to read, review, and support the authors of books about abortion that have already been published, we've found seven novels for you to check out! I found the books through Google searches, Goodreads, and a Twitter thread from romance writer, Sarah MacLean.

1. Once Upon a Bad Boy by Melonie Johnson


Melonie Johnson's Once Upon a Bad Boy, the third book in the A Sometimes in Love series, follows Sadie Gold, a woman who had an abortion when she was younger. Now, she's ready to define herself as someone serious and rely on her talent, separating herself from the wealth and pretty face people people associate her with. The problem is that Bo Ibarra, the person who will train Sadie for the role of a lifetime, is the very same person who broke her heart once upon a time.

Bo is even better looking that he was before, and it sucks after everything they once went through with Sadie's privileged childhood's and Bo's family struggling to get by. That's all in the past now, but if they're to have a real shot this time, it will mean surviving ugly tabloid rumors and finally coming clean about the past.

Once Upon a Bad Boy will be released June 25, 2019. Find it here.

2. Broken by Christa Cervone


In Christa Cervone's Broken, Leila and Garrett dated in high school. After discovering she was pregnant, Leila made the best decision for herself and got an abortion. When she told Garrett, rather than supporting her, he got upset and cowardly broke up with her rather than support her. Four years later, they see each other again at a wedding Leila is photographer for and reconnect. The two of them learn to heal.

While the premise is a bit iffy, I admittedly haven't read this book and decided to include it because abortion representation is so rare in romance. The fact that they do reconcile (hopefully) indicates Garrett matures and learns to support Leila.

Buy Broken here.

3. Side Effects by V.K. Powell


As far as I know, no one in V.K. Powell's Side Effects has an abortion, but romantic suspense novel does feature an abortion provider so it still feels applicable to this list. In the novel, Neela Sahjani is an abortion provider and stem-cell researcher working on a cure for her mother's illness. She needs protection under the new conservative government and threats to her life, so Detective Jordan Bishop gets assigned to protection detail. The two women may be night and day, but their connection to each other is as instantaneous as it is intense.

Purchase Side Effects here.

4. Not Another Family Wedding by Jackie Lau


About climatology professory Natalie Chin-Williams, Not Another Family Wedding by Jackie Lau is the first book in the Chin-Williams series. Natalie has never wanted children and once had an abortion after discovering she was pregnant. She isn't ashamed about her decision and it's brought up within the story in a very matter-of-fact manner. However, her decision to not have kids has caused many of her relationships to fail.

At thirty-six, she knows she'll get the inevitable questions about her future at her younger sister's wedding. So she asks her friend, Connor Douglas, to accompany her. During the reception, a family secret is revealed that upsets Natalie and shakes her belief in love. Thankfully, Connor is there for her. Then they kiss, and things get even more confusing from there.

Purchase Not Another Family Wedding here.

5. The Girlfriend by Abigail Barnette


Book 2 of Abigail Barnette's The Boss series, The Girlfriend begins with Sophie Scaife's life in upheaval. Her relationship is rocky and, unemployed and pregnant, she's faced with making a difficult decision, potentially alone. Sophie decides to get an abortion. When her boyfriend, Neil Elwood, receives news of an illness, he must return to London and Sophie makes the decision to go with him. His health makes their relationship challenging, but it becomes a great distraction from the stress of Neil's illness.

The fact that Neil is a wealthy publishing magnate makes their situation much easier, but their future is still uncertain. Together, they will face any challenges they face head-on, holding onto any happiness while they can.

Find The Girlfriend here.

6. '89 Walls by Katie Pierson


'89 Walls by Katie Pierson is a Young Adult romance taking place in 1989 about Quinn and Seth, two very different people. Quinn comes from a conservative family and is focused on getting into college, while Seth has to work a minimum wage job and help take care of his mom who has MS. Seth's outspoken opinions in social studies make Quinn begin to question everything she's believed.

They're both surprised by the romance that develops between them. But then Quinn discovers she's pregnant and is forced to make a choice about what to do about it. She tells her mother, who drives her to Omaha for the abortion. The novel features a lot of politics relevant to 1989 and thoroughly enjoyable.

Find '89 Walls here.

7. The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz


While more erotica than romance, there are a few different books within Tiffany Reisz's The Original Sinners series that deal with or talk about abortion, including The Siren and The Virgin. The eight books in The Original Sinners is broken up into two parts, The Red Years Quartet and The White Years Quartet. The Red Years follow Nora Sutherlin, a famous erotica author and dominant, while the White Years are about Eleanor Schreiber, the woman Nora once was.

Find The Original Sinners series here.

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