If You Remove A Friend On Snapchat, Will They Know?


If You Remove A Friend On Snapchat, Will They Know?

Snapchat has been a wildly popular app since late 2012, the very year it was released. With innovative updates, Snapchat stays remains at the top of the social media game. On update you may want to know is if a friend will know if you remove them on Snapchat. That is a really great question!

After all, online security is becoming more and more important as time passes and we don't want to endure a data breach if we can help it. Being able to remove a friend without them knowing it can provide a similar peace of mind. So, is it possible to remove a friend on Snapchat without them knowing you've done so?

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Why Remove A Friend From Snapchat?

What are some reasons why you would consider removing a friend from Snapchat? There are probably more reasons than you would think! After all, not everyone on your Snapchat friends list your best friend. Even IRL friends get removed someones, especially if the friendship ends due to an argument or because you drifted apart. Romantic relationships can end too and you might not want them to snap you anymore because it hurts too much. Also, you will be less tempted to snap them yourself when you're feeling a bit lonely.

Another reason you might remove friends from Snapchat is that you simply have too many friends on Snapchat to keep up with them all. Having a shorter friend list keeps things a bit more streamlined and decreases headache. Some people just send you too many snaps and, if you aren't really friends with them in the first place, you might not be interested in their many snaps of the latte they're drinking or the new shirt they just bought. It's easier to delete them.

Whether you know them in real life or not, some people turn into creeps over Instagram and start sending unsolicited photos of their genitalia or other suggestive things. No one needs!

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If You Remove A Friend On Snapchat, Will They Know?

This brings us to the question of if someone will know if you remove them on Snapchat. Will they? Well, Snapchat won't send them a notification that you've removed them, but it is possible they could figure it out. For example, if you decide to add them again at some point, they will get a notification of that. If you delete them, they will be gone from your friends list but you will still be in theirs. They will still be able to snap you, but you just won't receive it and it will remain pending in their app. It might be enough for them to put two and two together and figure out that you've removed them from your friends.

Here is a guide that has step-by-step instructions on how to remove or block someone on Snapchat.