Incredible Plus Size Romance Novels, Part 2

Plus Size Romance Novels, books

Bodies of all sizes should be celebrated!

Romance Featuring Plus Size Characters!

In early March, we published an article about plus size romance novels because everyone deserves to read books with characters that look like them. Most romance novels feature characters who conventionally attractive and wear straight-sized clothes.

Plus sized deserve representation in all media, though we're focusing on plus sized protagonists in romance books for this article. The seven book we choose for this article are all body positive. It will be a treat for readers to get the chance to check out some inclusive romance books!

1. Curvy Hips And Sexy Lips series by Candi Heart


Candi Heart's Curvy Hips and Sexy Lips is an entire series featuring to plus size heroines. As of right now, there are seven stand-alone books in the romance series that celebrates curvy women getting their happily-ever after. The series features a wide variety of women, including a photographer, a race car mechanic, a dog walker, and a travel agent.

Get Walking Dick, Love Handles, Big Escapes, Racing Hearts, Sweet Treats, Shutter Release, and Hungry Diva here!

2. The First series by Mel Wildes


Mel Wildes' two-book series, The First, includes The First and The First the Last, a series about a woman named Zadie who dodges commitment and true intimacy at every turn because of her feelings for her best friend Alfie. When she discovers Alfie is getting married, Zadie finally realizes it's time to move on.

Of course, that's when Alfie starts questions what life will be life with Zadie in love with someone else, no longer in love with him like he'd grown used to. Told in "snapshots of their lives over the last twenty-one years," Zadie and Alfie have some things to figure out.

Get book 1 and book 2 here.

3. The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker


The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker is about Henry Becket, a man whose boyfriend of eight years just dumped him because he found him too overweight. Determined to win his ex back, Henry vows to change himself and joins a gym. There he meets personal trainer Reed Henske.

Reed is over guys who are only interested in his looks, never seeing who he really is inside, but Henry isn't like that. While Reed teaches Henry to become comfortable with his body, Henry shares with Reed "recipes and laughter." Soon their friendship begins to grow into something more, though Henry doesn't think Reed could ever be interested in him. Reed just needs to convince him there's more to life than what people see on the outside.

Get the book here.

4. Hadliegh's Desire by Erin Osborne and JC Belanger


If MC romances are more your speed, then Hadliegh's Desire by Erin Osborne and JC Belanger is a book you'll want to check out! The book follows plus sized protagonist, Hadliegh Jensen. Despite loving her ex, Remington 'Psycho' Jackson, once destroyed Hadliegh with just a few words, causing her to leave town. Now, he wants to win her back.

Psycho once helped Hadliegh work through her awful past, but he also broke her heart. When Hadliegh has to return to Shadowville, it's obvious he wants her back, but she isn't sure she can take that chance a second time. Especially with their lives on the line.

Get the book here.

5. Mind Games by Cara Malone


The first book in Cara Malone's new Fox County Forensics series, Mind Games features Kelsey, a forensic investigator new to the Fox County team. With coworkers who enjoy pulling "morbid pranks" and have a case of "gallows humor," Kelsey is just hoping to find a balance between her new job and her obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Patrol officer Zara wants to be promoted to narcotics in the hope of avenging her sister's overdose death, but that won't happen until she gets past her fear of dead bodies. Kelsey and Zara meet at an suicide scene, a case more complex than it appears.

Get the book here.

6. Sweetly Swirled by M.L. Spann


Twenty-four year-old Bri has hit a rough patch in M.L. Spann's Sweetly Swirled. Jobless and nearly homeless, Bri heads to her favorite coffee shop as solace. It definitely helps that Jayce, the gorgeous barista, is there. Things begin looking up for Bri when Jayce offers her a job on the condition she helps him with back his ex-girlfriend. She agrees, but it isn't long before Bri finds herself longing to be the one Jayce wants.

Get the book here.

7. Making series by Lila Rose


The Making series by Lila Rose is another series that features plus sized heroines. There are two books out in the Making series at the moment, but Rose's website promises that there are "more romantic comedies to come," meaning there's a good chance more books in the series may be released in the future! Fingers crossed for more books featuring heroines of size!

Find the series here.

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