9 LGBT Book Blogs That Will Keep You Up To Date With Your Favorite Authors

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Discover 9 incredible LGBT book blogs!

LGBT Book Blogs

For avid readers like myself, book blogs, vlogs, Instagram accounts, and Facebook groups are a big part of my life. As a lesbian, I tend to veer toward book by and about LGBTQIA folks, finding them a lot more relateable as a reader.

I've stumbled upon some truly great LGBT book blogs over the years. Reading the book reviews on the blogs has only encouraged my already enormous Goodreads' to-read list to burst at its virtual seams. I even once ran an LGBTQIA book blog until someone hacked it and I lost most of my carefully curated book lists and reviews. That's a story for another day.

If you're interested in LGBTQIA books, blogs are the way to go. Many voracious readers are reviewing LGBTQ books and offering their insights. We only have so much time to read, and blogs are a great way to narrow down what appeals to you!

1. Black Lesbian Literary Collective


The Black Lesbian Literary Collective, founded by Lauren Cherelle and Stephanie Andrea Allen, is a really incredible site that centers "Black lesbian and queer women of color writers" with the goal to increase visibility of lesbian literature and to encourage ethical publishing practices. The website includes a podcast, a literary journal, a writing workshop, an annual retreat, and a book review blog.

2. Bisexual Books


Founded in 2013 by Sarah E. Stumpf and Eleanor Moss, Bisexual Books is one of the two book blogs on this list ever since I came out (the other is the Lesbrary). The blog doesn't appear to have updated in about a year, but it is still contains a wealth of great info about bisexual authors, books, characters, and bisexual history.

3. The Lesbian Review


The Lesbian Review is probably the most comprehensive book blog for LBPQ (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer) people I've come across. Book and audiobook reviews are updated several times a week. They even have two book podcasts, The Lesbian Review Podcast and Les Do Books.

4. Trans Book Reviews


Trans Book Reviews is basically the only book blog I could find that focused on trans authors, books, and characters. On the blog, all the books must be about a trans, non-binary, or other non-cis identified main character. Trans Book Reviews' mission is bring stories about trans people to trans people, use stories about trans people to help cis allies understand trans people better, and to "bridge the gap between us and them."

5. Rainbow Book Reviews


If you're interested in a book blog dedicated to the LGBTQIA community, Rainbow Book Reviews is a great page to check out! The site allows you to search for book reviews by sexual orientation and gender identity, along with book length, heat level, and reviewer. It's a pretty great setup, especially considering they have 7,200+ reviews.

6. The Lesbrary


Created by Danika Leigh Ellis, The Lesbrary is a book blog by and for LBPQ people. The site mostly consists of book reviews by anything from romance to nonfiction to literary fiction, but also includes Link Round ups with recent news about "lesbian and bi lit news and reviews."

7. YA Pride


Fans of Young Adult LGBTQIA books will definitely want to check out YA Pride, a blog dedicated to exactly that. The website was created after author Jessica Verday was asked to make a gay couple straight for an anthology, resulting in a controversy that caused the anthology to never see publication. The blog contains masterlists of everything you could ever want and makes it easy to navigate.

8. LGBTQ Reads


LGBTQ Reads is a book blog run by Young Adult and New Adult author Dahlia Adler. Many LGBTQIA book blogs are overwhelmed with white M/M romance, mostly because a lot of straight women write them, which is why Adler's mission is to provide space for underrepresented voices in the community.

9. Lambda Literary


Lambda Literary is basically the definitive book website LGBTQIA writers and readers. Their mission statement is that the organization "nurtures and advocates for LGBTQ writers, elevating the impact of their words to create community, preserve our legacies, and affirm the value of our stories and our lives." Not only will you find book reviews on Lambda Literary, but also calls for submissions, literary news, poetry, events and more!

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