22 Best Kappa Delta Instagram Captions

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The best Instagram captions for Kappa Deltas!

Best Kappa Delta Instagram Captions

Hey there, Kappa Delta girl! You already know you are a part of an amazing sorority, so to help you share that with your friends, family, and, most important, your sisters, we've created a list of Kappa Delta Instagram captions!

These caption ideas are perfect for photos of you and your big, your little, all your amazing KayDee events, and so much more! Kappa Delta does a ton of good in the community and there isn't anything wrong with being proud of that and wanting to share it with the rest of campus. After all, if other sororities and organizations look up to you, it means more good is being done everywhere!

Be sure to give these Kappa Delta Instagram captions and read and let us know what you think!

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Clever Captions for Kappa Delta Girls

• "Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest."

• Take me down to the Emerald City where the letters are green and the girls are pretty.

• You had me at Kaydee.

• Go confidently. Go Kappa Delta.

• Kappa Delta: Straight Outta Farmville

• I'm a Kaydee lady.

• Darling, it's better with the Kappa Delta letters.

Cute Instagram Captions for Kappa Delta

• Ta Kala Diokomen

• Green and white, rose and pearl, I'm a Kappa Delta girl.

• May the diamond shield that guards our love find us each day truer, wiser, more faithful, more loving, and more noble.

• She walks with grace, talks with class, and is sweet as southern tea. She must be KD.

• Little moments, big memories.

• Green and white for the rest of my life.

• go Konfidently in the Direction of your dreams!

• Don't you wanna be a Kaydee too?

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Good Kappa Delta Captions for Selfies with Your Sisters

• The good go Greek. The great go confidently. Go Kappa Delta.

• Kaydee, where adventure awaits you!

• Kappa Delta: it's not four years, it's for life!

• Everyone loves a Kappa Delta girl!

• We believe in each other, and that's what makes us sisters!

• Out of pure and simple beginnings grow great and wonderful things.

• Just know that you're not alone cause we're going to make this place your home!