Why a Travel's Notebook Will Change Your Life - Even If You Don’t Travel

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If you're a fan of planners, bujo, or journals, you'll want to check out traveler's notebooks!

What Is A Traveler's Notebook?

Created by the Traveler's Company, formally called Midori, the traveler's notebook is an all-in-one notebook that makes it easy for travelers and anyone else on the go. Many other companies have hoped on the bandwagon and created their own versions of the Midori Traveler's Notebook, nicked named fauxdoris.

Essentially, traveler's notebooks are a piece of leather or faux leather with elastic strung through the middle of the notebook where it bends. This allows you to slip notebooks inside your traveler's journal. Most traveler's journals also have another piece of elastic or a string of some sort you can tie around the book to hold it closed.

They can come in a range of different sizes and, depending on the brand, different prices. Some people have even been known to create their own.

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Why You Should Switch To A Traveler's Notebook

There are plenty of praises to sing when it comes to traveler's notebooks. The first thing I fell in love with when I began using my traveler's notebook (I have the Prima Nomad's Journal) was how much I was able to customize everything to my needs. I was able to keep a planner, a notebook for any writing ideas I had, a notebook for my chronic illness symptoms, and a journal all in one place! It's a total blessing only needing to grab one thing when I'm switching back and forth from my purse to my laptop bag because I always end up forgetting something.

A traveler's notebook can hold basically everything you need. There are wallet card slots you're able to order online, folders, pockets, and more. Some of it is pretty easy to make too. Blank, lined, grid, and dot notebooks are available for any or your needs.

Traveler's notebooks are also perfect for bujo lovers. While you can find traveler's notebook planners, the insertable notebooks are perfect for turning into planners. I actually make my own planner for my traveler's notebook based on a bujo spread I found online because none of the planners appealed to me.

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Getting Started

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. If you're interested in getting a traveler's notebook for yourself, here are a few starter kits that have everything you need to get started!

• The Newestor Traveler's Notebook comes with three notebooks, a folder, zipper pouch, binder clip, pen, and pen holder.

• The Sovereign-Gear Traveler's Notebook comes with three notebooks, a cardholder, zipper pouch, pen, and pen clip.

• The IPBEN Traveler's Journal comes with a pen, pen clip, three notebooks, PVC pocket, retro stamp stickers, and a postcard

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Ideas For Your Traveler's Notebook

Here are a few ideas on how you can use your traveler's notebook:

• weekly planner

• monthly calendar

• journal

• sketchpad

• illness journal

• a catchall notebook

• anything else you can think of!

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