7 (Literally) Haunting Love Stories To Read In Time For Halloween

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What's more tragic than a love story between a human and a ghost?

Romantic Ghost Novels

Halloween is nigh! That means you're likely getting your fill of goblins, witches, and vampires in your pop culture! Don't forgets ghosts, my personal favorite of things that go bump in the night. There's so many directions you can go in a good ghost story, and they'll all keep you guessing.

Ghost romance novels are a big hit this time of year. A mortal falling for a ghost and vice versa is about as tragically romantic as you can get. And you get the added bonus of some paranormal and supernatural in your romance book.

I don't know about you, but I plan to fully embrace the ghost romance trope this Halloween, along with the rest of the year too!

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1. Saving Mercy by Nicole Tillman


Saving Mercy by Nicole Tillman is the story of Ryan Callahan, a man who dies and wakes up in his old apartment, unable to leave the place he died. Mercy Hunter comes from a line of clairvoyants but has always believed the gift skipped her. At least until she meets Ryan in her new apartment. As their friendship grows, Mercy starts to wonder if she's strong enough to help him cross over, wanting to keep Ryan for herself.

Get Saving Mercy here.

2. Sarah's Lover by Layce Gardner and Saxon Bennett


Layce Gardner and Saxon Bennett are a wonderful, romantic writing duo. Their novel Sarah's Lover is about about a woman named Sarah who has recently been cast out by her girlfriend. In need of a new place to live, she finds the perfect house, not realizing it's haunted by Kristen, a woman who died trying to remodel the house. Her existence has been lonely, but Sarah changes everything. Will these two star-crossed lovers find a way to make it work?

Get Sarah's Lover here.

3. The Mediator series by Meg Cabot


Best known for The Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot's The Mediator series is my personal favorite. As a mediator, Suze has always been haunted by the ghosts who want her help. When she moves to California after her mother remarries, she discovers her new bedroom is haunted by Jesse, a man who died there back when the house was a boarding house. Between falling in love with Jesse and a lot of ghostly, and often ghastly, adventures throughout the series, Suze has a lot on her plate.

Get The Mediator series here.

4. Haunted Regency series by Ava Stone, Jerrica Knight-Catania , and Jane Charles


In the Haunted Regency series by authors Ava Stone, Jerrica Knight-Catania , and Jane Charles, a man comes to inherit a haunted castle. He and five of his friends decide to host a Samhain masquerade party in the castle for a truly special night. However, a local girl disappears and a bit of witchcraft enters the plot as the men begin meeting their true loves, all within the haunted Marisdùn Castle.

Get the Haunted Regency series here and here.

5. Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade


Last year, Dani relocated into a new apartment. It didn't take long for strange things to start to happen, and Dani soon comes to the realization her apartment is haunted. Then, on All Hallow's Eve, a man shows up, claiming to be her ghost. Apparently, one night a year, some ghosts can cross over into the human world. In love with Dani after watching her for a year, this is exactly what Zack does.

Get Halloween Boo here.

6. The Bone Orchard by Abigail Roux


Earlier, we had a haunted regency romance, and it Abigail Roux's The Bone Orchard, we have a ghostly western romance. US Marshal Ambrose Shaw was hot on the trail with serial killer "Missouri" Boon Jennings. The killer is caught, but it costs Ambrose his life. Pinkerton Inspector Ezra Johns investigated Jennings' murders back in New York and is now in San Francisco to testify. He ends up staying in the room Ambrose died in and meets the saloon's new ghost. Together, they fight to take down Jennings whose murder spree continues even after his death.

Get The Bone Orchard here.

7. Damned series by Charmaine Ross


Charmaine Ross' Damned trilogy finds cardiologist Cassie Hunter taking a blow to the head and waking with the ability to see ghosts. She meets Elliot Stone, a man that has been dead for more than seventy years but doesn't know it. He doesn't seem to know much of anything else either. Cassie becomes overwhelmed as ghosts come out of the woodwork seeking her help all while trying to help Elliot discover his origins.

Get the Damned series here.

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