31 Funny Venmo Captions for Bills (2018)

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A list of funny Venmo captions to pay your bills!

31 Funny Venmo Captions for Bills (2018)


There are many things that mark adulthood and, unfortunately, paying bills is one of them. For as much as paying bills can suck, using funny captions to pay bills via Venmo can at least lighten up the mood. Unsure how to go about it? Look at Venmo captions for bills, our list of 31 ideas to help you get started!

These days, people are using Venmo for everything. If you can think of it and it's physically possible, someone out there has probably written a silly Venmo caption for it as some point. So it isn't that surprising that Venmo is also getting used to transfer money to your roommate for the electric bill to send cash to your wife for the house payment. After all, everyone has bills to pay. Putting a funny caption with it can make all the difference and make a glum situation just a little bit better.

Read through our best Venmo captions for bills and consider using one the next time you have to pay your bills!


• You cooked dinner every night while I worked on my thesis. You are seriously the best person I know!

• Give this to your lil bro for mowing the lawn. That kid rocks!!

• My turn to cat pee absorbing rocks :(

• For dry cleaning after Tasha (who is no longer my friend btw) puked on your dress

• I'm paying for Hulu bc I watched so much Keeping Up with the Kardashians this month

• I forgot to pay trash last month (because I'ma garbage roommate) so I'm paying all of it this month

• For the internet + extra because I know my boyfriend used up a bunch of data watching porn lmao

• Cleaning bill: We are never having a house party again. :/


• For my half of the groceries. Thanks for remembering what kind of tampons and chocolates I like boo!

• You spotted me for my 1/2 of the electric when I was short. Here it is + interest. Love you!

• Hey roomie, here's my 1/3 of the rent. Thank god for venmo! Makes everything so much easier xoxo

• $$ for Netflix. Someone has been binging House Hunters again. Totally not me tho.

• How does our gas bill just keep getting higher? Is it the slum lord again?

• Why do we have to pay rent every month?? Wasn't last month good enough?

• My share of the bill to have people haul away our discarded evidence of consumerism.


• Hey babe, here's my half of the car payment! Clean out the fast food wrappers plz and thx!

• I know I'm the one that mostly uses the internet but I'm still glad you agree to pay half of it haha

• Hulu payment! Why can't all our bills be as cheap as Hulu?

• Thanks for paying the gas bill last month. Here's this month - thank god it'll warm up soon!

• When did the water bill get so dang high? Wth?

• My half of the bills + groceries. Because I guess we need to eat and stuff.

• With the electric bill so high, would it be cheaper to just get solar panels?


• Here's my car to add to the already enormous list of bills. Ugh.

• I like having our own house but why does it have to cost so much??

• Insurance bill, in case, you know, bad things happen.

• Why do we even still have a home phone?

• The internet is pretty much my one remaining joy in life, so I'm glad that bill gets paid first.

• When the house bill gets taken out of the account, I cry a little (jk, a lot).

• When the house bill gets taken out of the account, I cry a little (jk, a lot).

• The only good thing about dying is not having any more bills.