Our Favorite Romance Novel Authors Never Let Us Down

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These romance writers consistently write amazing books!

Favorite Romance Novel Authors

We all have our favorite romance authors, the writers who, with each book they publish, consistently make us happy and put a smile on our face. We get excited each time we hear they have a new book coming out and count down the days until the release.

In this article, we're going to talk about a few of our favorite romance authors who each have brought something wonderful to the romance genre. From historical romance phenoms like Beverly Jenkins and Lisa Kleypas to great multi-genre writers like Alyssa Cole, this list both has authors you need to read ASAP and some of their books to give a read.

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1. Courtney Milan

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The header on Courtney Milan's website reads "I write books about carriages, corsets, and smartwatches. As one does." When it comes to Courtney's books, that feels pretty accurate in the best way! She also has a ton of upcoming books on her website for fans to look forward to, each guaranteed to be well-worth the wait.

A few of Courtney Milan's must-read romances are:

Hold Me

The Duchess War

The Pursuit Of

• Her most recent novel is Mrs. Martin's Incomparable Adventure.

2. Beverly Jenkins

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Is there anyone better than Beverly Jenkins? Okay, maybe that's a subjective question, but it doesn't detract from the fact she's an incredible writer. Recipient of a Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award and nominated for an NAACP Image Award in literature, she's used her writing to advocate for Black women and women of color since the 1990s.

A few of our favorite Beverly Jackson romances include:

Winds of the Storm



• Don't miss Beverly Jenkins' new book, Rebel, out May 28, 2019.

3. Alisha Rai

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Alisha Rai is known for anything, it's her diverse and erotic contemporary romances that are always amazing. An award-winning author, Alisha is also the first ever indie author to make the Washington Post's annual Best Books list and has had her books named best of the year by NPR, Vulture, Bustle, and more.

Here are a few of our favorite Alisha Rai romance books:

Wrong to Need You

Severing Pleasure

A Gentleman in the Street

• Don't forget to pre-order The Right Swipe, out July 2, 2019.

4. Melissa Brayden

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An award-winning author of lesbian romance, Melissa Brayden is someone who consistently delivers wonderful contemporary romance with lesbian and bisexual characters. The characters in her books deal with real issues, like adoptions, IVF, PTSD, workplace struggles, and more.

Here are some of our favorite Melissa Brayden romance novels:

First Position

Just Three Words

How Sweet It Is

Beautiful Dreamer will be released July 16, 2019 and Back to September will be released November 12, 2019.

5. Sarah MacLean

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Sarah MacLean is known for her incredible historical romances, filled with compelling characters and three dimensional women who all have their own unique wants and needs. An advocate for romance and its place in gender and cultural studies, Sarah consistently delivers historical romance novels that leave us pining for the next book!

Here are just a few of Sarah MacLean's books you need to check out:

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart

• And look forward to Brazen and the Beast out July 30, 2019.

6. Alyssa Cole

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One of the best things about Alyssa Cole is that she writes contemporary, historical, and science fiction romance and does each of them so well. An award-winning romance writer, her book A Princess in Theory was listed on the New York Times' 100 Notable Books of 2018.

Some of our favorite Alyssa Cole romances are:

A Princess in Theory

Radio Silence

That Could Be Enough

An Unconditional Freedom and A Prince on Paper are Alyssa Cole's most recent releases.

7. Lisa Kleypas

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From studying political science in school to becoming 1985's Miss Massachusetts to publishing her first novel when she was just 21, Lisa Kleypas has lead a very interesting life! Although she's known for her historical romances, she also has several contemporary romance books under her belt, easily making her a fan favorite.

Here are a few Lisa Kleypas romances you must read ASAP:

Devil in Spring

Tempt Me at Twilight

The Devil in Winter

• Her most recent books is Devil's Daughter: The Ravenels meet The Wallflowers.

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