What is the Real Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards?

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Find out the difference between tarot and oracle cards!

The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards

Witchcraft and the esoteric have seen a huge rise in the United States of late. Things like astrology and crystals have made a comeback, and so has divination.

Tarot and oracle cards are the two most popular forms of cartomancy around, but what is the difference between the two? It turns out, a lot!

We dig into the amazing differences between tarot and oracle cards and which would be a better fit for you!

Here is a list of tarot cards for beginners and here's a list of list of oracle cards for beginners.

Tarot Cards

So what makes a tarot deck different from a deck of oracle cards? Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century though they weren't the cards you know today. It wasn't until around the 18th century that they became tools of divination.

Tarot is used as a tool to interpret a person's life story and to guide them through various periods of their life.

There's a pattern that decks of tarot cards follow. They each have:

• 78 card deck

• The deck is divided into two sections, the major and minor arcana.

• The major arcana has 22 cards.

• The minor arcana has 56 cards and is divided into four suits: Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentacles. The suits each represent different things. Swords represent intellect, Wands represent actions and spirituality, Cups represent feelings, and Pentacles represent wealth.

Tarot cards can be read in many different spreads. Some popular ones are the Celtic Cross, the Past, Present, and Future spread, and a 1-card spread.

Decks of tarot cards are great for people that like and need structure in their lives.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards don't have the same popularity that tarot cards do, but those that love them really love them. They're a newer form of cartomancy, which is divination through reading cards, than tarot, and didn't initially gain popularity until the 1990s. The 1970s saw another popularity boom, and there is currently one going on now.

Compared to tarot, oracle cards are less constrained. The can follow whatever style the creator wants or invents for them to follow, typically including a guidebook that includes card interpretations to help with readings.

• Cards in a deck vary in number.

• While tarot is open to interpretation by the reader, oracle cards are usually more subjective.

• You can use similar or the same card spreads as tarot cards, or use tarot in combination with oracle cards.

There are many different types of oracle decks out there. Many are meant to be read similarly to tarot cards, but others may be affirmation cards, wisdom cards, or reflective cards.

Many people have a favorite style of deck, but if you're interest in cartomancy, it it is good to try out both tarot and oracle cards. They're both incredible and have many amazing decks out there, but if you are more of a free spirit, then oracle cards are a safe bet for you!

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