If You Delete Someone On Snapchat, Can They Still Snap You?


If You Delete Someone On Snapchat, Can They Still Snap You?

Snapchat was first launched in 2011 and quickly gained popularity from it's disappearing photos. Like with all social media, users eventually had a need to block or delete people on the app. So if you delete someone on Snapchat, can they still snap you? When someone is bothering you on Snapchat, it's important to know if you can just delete them from your friends list or if you need to go to the trouble of actually blocking them so they can't interact with you again.

We did some research as to whether someone on Snapchat can still snap you or not if you delete them. Read on to find out the answer!

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Why Delete Someone On Snapchat?

Why might it be necessary to delete someone from your Snapchat friends? Well, there are actually a lot of reasons why you might have to delete someone! Sometimes friendships end. Maybe the two of you just drifted away or maybe a big fight lead to the friendship ending. Perhaps you broke up with your significant other and don't want to get snaps from them anymore (or be tempted to snap them).

Another reason you may delete someone is because they send you too many snaps and are irritating you because of it. There's nothing worse than your phone waking you up in the middle of the night because someone you don't particularly like sent you a selfie. Your list of Snapchat friends could also be too long and you struggle just to keep up with everyone.

Whether they're sending suggestive snaps or won't leave you alone, one of the biggest reasons you'd delete someone is because they're creeping you out. Whatever the reason is, deleting a friend on Snapchat is perfectly valid.

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If You Delete Someone On Snapchat Can They Still Snap You?

Now that other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have disappearing stories too, it means that Snapchat has to stay on their A-game if they want to keep users from moving on. That means their security features should be really strong, especially after all the recent data leaks on other social media. Does Snapchat's security features include keeping someone from snapping you if you've deleted them?

That is correct, mostly.

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Can Someone Snap Me If I Delete Them?

What does mostly mean? Well, if you delete them from your friends list, you will still show up in their friends list. However, if they send you a snap, you won't receive it. Likewise, if they delete you, you will still see them in your friends list, but they won't get your snaps either. Snaps sent will just appear to be pending as if they sent you a snap that you didn't open.

They won't receive a notification if you delete them, but if you add them to your friends again, they will get a notification. They also will be unable to see any of your private stories or visit your profile, but can still send you messages.