7 Clothing Companies Making Fashion Accessible for Disabled People

adaptive clothing
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Adaptive clothing can be cute and comfy!

What Is Adaptive Clothing?

It makes sense that disabled people, who often have needs able bodied people don't have, may also need clothing suited for their needs. Traditionally, clothing for disabled people has been pretty ugly and it's only recently that clothing companies have made fashion accessible for disabled people.

Clothing specifically made for disabled people and their needs is called adaptive clothing. There are all sorts of adaptations disabled people may need with their clothing. A few of them include a substitute for shirt and pants buttons, pants that come up higher in the back, sensory friendly clothing, seamless and tagless clothing, compression clothing, and more.

Having access to clothes that are fashionable like the rest of the world wears is a way for disabled people to feel human in a world that often dehumanizes them. Clothing seems like a small thing, but give that most people spend the majority of their life wearing clothes, it is a very important part of our society.

Read on to discover some incredible adaptive clothing brands!

1. Zappos Adaptive

Zappos Adaptive is a line that includes compression clothing, post surgical wear, sensory friendly clothing, adaptive jeans, and much more.

2. IZ Adaptive

IZ Adaptive is a line of stylish adaptive basics that are perfect for wheelchair users, cane users, and other disabilities.

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3. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

Adjustable hems, magnetic buttons, and easy open necklines are just a few of the adaptive clothing options offered by Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive.

4. 4ward

4ward is a sensory friendly clothing reversible brand that features tear-away tags.

5. ABL Denim

ABL Denim is a line of adaptive denim that includes side zippers, higher backs, and hook and bar fasteners.

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6. Ag Apparel

Ag Apparel is a brand that is not only very stylish, but also has a ton of adaptive features like comfortable fabrics, dual zippers, and garments that are easy to get on or off.

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7. Target

Target has two new lines, Universal Thread and A New Day, that both feature adaptive clothing that are sensory friendly, flat seams, and no tags.

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