These 9 Celebrity Romance Books Shine A Spotlight On Love

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A little love in the spotlight!

Books Featuring Celebrity Romances

I have a confession to make: I love reading romance books about with celebrity characters. There's something just so fun about reading a romance novel that's different than the life I know. I don't read celebrity romance novels all the time, but when I do, it's always a treat.

Between sports stars, singers and rock stars, actors, and other famous folks, there's plenty of plots for an incredible romance novel.

Check out a few of our recommendations for romance novels with celebrities, and let us know on Twitter your favorites you'd add to the list! We'd love to hear them!

1. Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh


Nalini Singh's second-chance romance, Rock Wedding, is about married couple Sarah Smith and Abe Bellamy. Sarah has longed for a real family her entire life and, when she married Abe, thought she'd finally found what she'd always been looking for. She quickly grows fed up with the heartache of her marriage and leaves. Abe knows it's his fault Sarah - the best thing to ever happen to him - is gone. Caught up in "a web of painful memories," he ended up pushing her away and hurting them both. But then he gets a second chance to prove to Sarah just how much she means to him. Will it be enough?

Get Rock Wedding here.

2. All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames


In Lynn Ames All That Lies With, movie star Dara Thomas has an Oscar nomination. She's been dubbed sexiest woman alive, and she's charismatic. She also lives a secret live as Constance Darrow, Pulitzer Prize winning fiction author. Professor of American Literature Rebecca Minton is a huge fan of Darrow's work and, on a whim, writes to the reclusive author. Surprisingly, Darrow writes back and the two maintain a correspondence. "A chance of phrase" in one of Darrow's letters helps Rebecca puts the pieces together about just who Dara is, changing the lives of both women forever.

Get All That Lies Within here.

3. Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan


Kenan Ross has been on a losing streak lately in Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan. A divorced single father, he's been cheated on and betrayed and just traded to a losing basketball team. While Kenan is left picking up the pieces of his life, he meets Lotus DuPree at the worst possible time. Lotus has been working on herself lately and doesn't have time for someone like Kenan Ross. But just as Kenan realizes he can love another woman, Lotus will have to figure out if she ready to love again after being burned.

Get Hook Shot here.

4. Tangled Mess by K.L. Middleton


Tiffany Banks, a twenty-one-year-old hairstylist in K.L. Middleton's Tangled Mess, assumed she knew where her life was heading. But then her coworkers convince her to audition for American Icon, an American Idol-esque reality competition. Her dreams of becoming a singer are threatened by Ransom, the bad boy rockstar judge who clearly doesn't want her to win. Four years ago, Ransom won American Icon and it nearly destroyed him, turning his life into an endless string of "booze, concerts, and women." He doesn't want the same thing to happen to his younger sister's naive friend. He just didn't expect to fall for her in the process.

Get Tangled Mess here.

5. Starstruck by L.A. Witt


L.A. Witt's Starstruck is about Levi Pritchard, a retired action star who now lives in Bluewater Bay, a sleepy little logging town. Surprisingly, the hit television show, Wolf's Landing, comes to film in Bluewater Bay, turning the town on its head. Levi gets offered a part on the show, the sort of part he always dreamed of back in the day. However, he has to stay in the closet if he wants the part. Lead actor Carter Samuels doesn't know what to do with himself now that the man who inspired him to become an actor and made him realize he was gay has joined the cast. It's obvious something is going on between the two men, but taking up with a closeted man isn't something Carter will do to himself. So they decided to remain friends even as temptation grows by the day.

Get Starstruck here.

6. Casting Lacey by Elle Spencer


Star of legal drama Jordan's Appeal Quinn Kincaid wants to come out in Casting Lacey by Elle Spencer. Her publicist suggest a fake girlfriend, which is how she ends up "dating" out soap star, Lacey Matthews. Two bad Quinn and Lacey immediately clash as their fake relationship grows. Hilarity ensues during "a freak accident, some reluctant caregiving," nosy mothers, fawning assistants, and even a chance for Lacey to appear on Jordan's Appeal with Quinn, bringing them closer than ever.

Get Casting Lacey here.

7. Between Goodbyes by Anita Richmond Bunkley


In Between Goodbyes by Anita Richmond Bunkley, Niya Londres came to the U.S. ten years ago from Cuba. After a lot of hard work, Niya established herself quite a career and even landed the starring role of a Broadway musical. At the moment, she's planning her wedding in Acapulco. However, there's a problem: three men have asked her to marry them and she's still trying to figure who is the one. Between the jazz musician with the past, her manager who helped her become a star, and the entrepreneur who unexpectedly entered her life, Niya is at a loss.

Get Between Goodbyes here.

8. Star Struck by Laurelin Paige


In Seth's world, "beautiful women with a chip on their shoulder" are everywhere. So why can't he stop thinking about Heather? In Laurelin Paige's Star Struck, Seth finds himself infatuated with the A-lister. Their flirting during a wrap party turns into a hot night and suddenly, Seth is stuck trying to find the "vulnerability under the sass," "the real woman under the diva." And Heather discovers Seth is so much more than just a simple carpenter, someone to use to fulfill her needs and discard when she's done. Seth is a builder, intent on repairing her heart.

Get Star Struck here.

9. Pretty Face by Lucy Parker


In Lucy Parker's Pretty Face, Lily Lamprey is a talented actress but because of her looks, she doesn't get taken seriously. Then she hears director Luc Savage has decided to renovate the legendary West End theater for a new stage production, and Lucy jumps at the chance. Or she tries to, but Luc is bad-tempered. Luc is known for his integrity and is a respected director. He also has the hots for Lily, and knows just how talented she really is. However, their budding relationship "is not only raising questions about Lily's suddenly rising career, it's threatening Luc's professional reputation." If they aren't careful, both their reputations - not to mention their new relationship - could be ruined forever.

Get Pretty Face here.

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