Can You View Instagram Stories Privately?


Can You View Instagram Stories Privately?

Stories is Instagram's take on Snapchat, a feature that is as fun as it is finite. Any photo or video you post in your Stories has a 24-hour expiration date, so it is important to make them count! That then begs the question: can you view Instagram stories privately? And can you tell who watches your stories? We did a bit of digging and found the answer for you. Read on to see just how anonymous Instagram Stories really are!

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What's The Big Deal With Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a feature that can be a lot of fun. It's a good way to give your friends, family, and followers a tiny glimpse into your life, what you're doing at that exact moment. If you own a business, are an influencer, work in media, or any other number of jobs, it's a great way to promote yourself and keep you on a person's mind. It won't ruin your account's aesthetic and it just gives you options you wouldn't otherwise have when you post photos or videos to your account. Stories has quickly become and integral part of Instagram's brand.

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So Can People Tell If You've Watched Their Instagram Story?

Unless you actively like an account's photo or video, the account has no way of knowing who has seen it. Instagram videos only keep track of the number of views it has and not who did the viewing. Stories isn't like that at all. All someone has to do is click on their Story, swipe up, and and see just who has watched your Story. It also keeps track of how many people view a story too. While it's great you can tell who is engaging with your content, it can be a bit of a double edged sword in that they can tell you've watched their Story. Especially if it is someone you don't necessarily want knowing you are snooping on their account. People can even share your story in messages unless you disable the feature, so keep that in mind.

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Is There A Way Around It?

Is there a way to view Instagram stories privately so people are none the wiser? It seems so! Apps like Story Saver for Android and Story Reposter for iPhone. (This article details how to use the app to remain anonymous on Instagram Stories for an Android, while this onediscusses using an iPhone.) If you do choose to hide the fact that you like to watch people's Stories, do so responsibly!

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Edit Who Can View Your Stories

If it turns out that someone is watching your Stories and you'd rather they didn't, you can keep them from doing so. All you have to do is click on the Story icon and then click on the Settings gear in the upper left corner. Under Story Settings, the very first thing reads "Hide Story From." Click underneath it where it says "People" and then simply select which followers you no longer wish to see your Story. Simple as that! Keep in mind, however, that they can also download apps to help them get around your settings.

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