The Best Bumble BFF Profile Examples


Bumble BFF Profile Examples

After graduation, people tend to drift away from high school friends and it can be hard to make new friends. To help make it easier, the dating app Bumble created Bumble BFF and we've created a cheat sheet on how to best to create your Bumble BFF profile. It works much like the dating app in that you create a profile and swipe through other profiles to try and match with people that appeal to you. In this case, though, you're looking for people you'd like to be friends with. So ingenious! And without further adieu, here are the best Bumble BFF profiles!

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Bumble BFF Profile Examples - Pick Great Photos

Life with dating apps, the first impression someone is going to have of you is through your photos, so you want to make sure you choose good ones. 1 might be cute, but 6 different selfies with a dog Snapchat filters probably doesn't lead someone to believe that you're a particularly interesting person. Maybe that's shallow, but the profiles themselves don't give much room to work with either. We recommend having at least a few photos where you were really feeling yourself, like when you wore your favorite dress on vacation last year or during an accomplishment you're proud of. Having photos with your kids or pets can help create conversation with other pet owners and parents the same way wearing a shirt with the logo of your favorite band can. Use your photos to create connections with people you'd like to get to know!

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Bumble BFF Profile Examples - Be Upfront

Not being upfront with people is how both you and they get hurt. It might seem a bit silly, but not being responded to after having a really productive conversation someone for a week or two before they seem to fall off the face of the earth can sting. Whether on a dating app, in real life, or on a friendship app like Bumble BFF, we've all gone through it and it sucks. So try not to do it someone else or you could potentially hurt their feelings too. Let them know upfront that you're looking for a casual friend that will meet you for coffee once in a while if that's what you want, or if you'd rather have someone that will marathon Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings with you once on weekends. If you have a child that would, obviously, be your first priority, make sure you let them know that it might take a little while to respond. It is just easier - not to mention kinder - for everyone if people are upfront from the beginning.

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Bumble BFF Profile Examples - Hobbies and Interests

Have you ever bonded with someone over a TV show you both love or a band you'e both seen live? Hobbies and interests are one of the biggest ways people become friends with each other. They serve as a conversation jumping off point, and can get things going until conversation feels a bit more natural with them. Hobbies and interests are a great way to bond over something with a new person in your life, so make sure you include them in your profile. Obviously, you won't be able to include many, but listing your most favorite things is a great way for someone to zone in on your profile while they're busy swiping through them.

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Bumble BFF Profile Examples - Pick Your Cliffnotes Carefully

Like we mentioned before, Bumble BFF doesn't provide you a ton of space to really get into your life story. That's why it is important to really hone in on what's important about you. You don't have to give away everything in a 200 word bio - that defeats the purpose of making new friends - but including a bit about who you are is key to connecting with like-minded people. Your job, things you're passionate about, your family, and other things you might be involved in will give people at least a little sense of who you are and if they think you'd be a good friend match. Including something interesting about yourself that might set you apart from others in also a good idea!

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