Romance Novels That'll Satisfy Your Inner Bookworm

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Characters who love books as much as you do!

Romance Novels For Bookworms

It's no secret that we're all book lovers here. We spend our time reading books, submit reviews on Goodreads, and follow all our favorite authors on social media. There's no shame in it! Reading is an amazing pastime and you can do it anywhere as long as you have a book, phone, or tablet with you. These romance novels for bookworms are books right up your alley if you're a fan of the romance genre!

Reading books with characters who care as much as we do about books is a lot of fun. It allows us to connect to them in a very fun level that you may not have with characters who don't love books quite so much. Of course, it's fun reading about people different from ourselves too, but sometimes we all need that little bit of understanding that we may not get in life. That's why romance novels with fellow bookworms are just so great! In this article, we've found several really great romance novels with characters who love books you'll want to add to your reading list!

1. The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan

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In over her head, single mother Zoe needs to get out of London. Opportunity seems to fall right in her lap when her exes sister, Surinder, tells her about bookstore job in Loch Ness, and a second job as an au pair that can cover her housing.

The Scottish Highlands are beautiful and the au pair job is in a genuine, but crumbling, castle. The three Urquart children she's to care for were all kicked out of school and their single father is a mess. She's pleased to see her son so happy, but Zoe knows she has her work cut out for her.

The owner of the bookstore, Nina, helps Zoe get acclimated to the community. But will it all be enough to heal both her family and the Urquarts?

The Bookshop on the Shore will be available June 25, 2019.

2. One Fine Day by Janice Sims

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Jason Bryant is happy with his decision to give up his career as an attorney to work on his family's vineyard in California. It's one of the best things he's ever done. Falling in love with bookstore owner, Sara Minton, is the other thing. Sara refuses to accept Jason's proposal, which is all the more hurtful when he knows she loves him. She says she'll be able to marry him one day, but Jason doesn't know what that means, and not knowing her secret is eating him alive.

Aminatu's Daughters rescued Sara when she was at her lowest six years ago. A secret organization that assists women and children in peril, Sara has dedicated her life to them since then. With Jason in the picture, Sara is faced with a difficult decision between the man she loves and the work that gives her live meaning.

3. Lucy's Little Village Book Club by Emma Davies

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Lucy is twenty-four, frustrated, perpetually single, and needs a fresh start. She decides to take a chance and moves to the village of Tilley Moreton to run their little library. She's always loved to read and to help people and sees the opportunity to do by starting a book club.

At the book club, she meets plenty of new people and discovers she has her work cut out for her. Especially when it comes to the mysterious Callum. Eventually, Lucy's meddling catches up with her and, in a bind, she's surprised to find Callum stepping up to help her. There's definitely more to him that people believe.

Together, they begin mending the broken hearts within the walls of the library, all the while sparks flying between them.

4. The Right Kind of Wrong by P.J. Trebelhorn

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After having her heart shattered eighteen months ago, Quinn Burke isn't interested in getting into another serious relationship. She loves her life as a bartender. It allows her to meet a lot of new people, and there's always a new woman to have a fling with.

Grace Everett is looking for forever. She's passionate about the bookshop she owns, but her personal life is nonexistent. Still, she's hopeful the next woman she meets will be the woman she spends her life with.

Quinn and Grace have been best friends for twenty years now. After Quinn's mother becomes ill, something changes between them. Old feelings resurface for Quinn, and Grace begins seeing Quinn a little differently. They don't want anything to destroy their relationship, but what if something could improve it?

5. In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish

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The first book in the Middle of Somewhere series, Daniel Mulligan has never fit in anywhere, and hides his self-consciousness behind tattoos, snark, and sarcasm. In his hometown of Philadelphia, he's a sore thumb among his auto mechanic father and brothers. At his Ivy League school, he's looked down on. When he finds a job at a college in Holiday, Michigan, he's relieved, but it's immediately apparent he doesn't fit in the small town.

Shy and lonely, Rex Vale has lived in Holiday for a long time. His large size keeps people at a distance, so he spends his time making custom furniture and working on recipes. Daniel and Rex's chemistry is off the charts, but they're both apprehensive. Daniel fears letting Rex in will become a weakness, while Rex is scared Daniel will just end up leaving him like everyone else.

Just as the two men begin growing closer and getting through to one another, Daniel is summoned home to Philadelphia. There, he will learn a secret that will change his entire life.

6. The Moment of Everything by Shelly King

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After getting fired from a Silicon Valley startup, Maggie Dupr├Ęs spends her days in The Dragonfly's Used Books, a true Mountain View institution. She's waiting for the next thing to come along and, eventually, it does in the form of networking at a Bay Area book club.

She'll have to read Lady Chatterley's Lover, a book she hasn't picked up since college, but that's fine if it means a change in life. She heads to the bookstore to buy a copy and finds an ancient one filled with notes from two long-ago lovers. Maggie wants nothing more than to find the lovers and see what became of them. In the process, she leans a few things about herself as well.

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