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Incredible August reads you'll fall in love with!

Amazing Romance Novels For August

It's the midst of August and that means we're smack-dab in the middle of all the wonderful new books romance coming out this month! And believe us, these August romance books do not disappoint!

This is a big month for historical romance books, which is perfect if you're a fan! But don't worry, there are plenty of contemporary books too. In fact, there's even one book on this list that begins with a dating app. Hello technology!

There's plenty of great new books to this summer. Better get started!

1. The Patchwork Bride by Sandra Dallas


In Sandra Dallas' The Patchwork Bride, Ellen's granddaughter is getting married soon. In the meantime, Ellen is finishing up a quilt for her granddaughter made up old wedding dresses. However, when June unexpectedly announces her wedding is off, Ellen decides to share with her the story of Nell, a woman who heads to New Mexico Territory to find a husband in 1898. A biscuit shooter, she meets and falls for a cowboy named Buddy. But Buddy breaks her heart and she runs, and then runs from marriage twice more before finally meeting the love of her life.

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2. Sidelined by Suzanne Baltsar


Connor McGuire's dream job is to be the head coach of his local high school football team. When he applies for the job, however, he not only loses out on the job but loses out to the kid of a successful college coach. At first Connor thinks it's all a publicity stunt, but Charlotte Gibb is actually driven and a sharp strategist. She's also sexy. Charlie knows assistant coach Connor resents her for getting "his" job, but she'd determined to prove to him she's earned the job. She just can't like her heart get in the way.

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3. The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai


Alisha Rai's latest novel, The Right Swipe, is the tale of Rhiannon Hunter, a woman who has changed digital romance with her dating app. Her own romance life is rule by a few strict rule, most importantly to protect her heart at all costs. She matches with Samson Lima, a former pro-football player and, after an incredible night together, he vanishes. She buries her hurt but when he reappears months later working for her rival, she doesn't know what to think. Especially when he wants to pick up where they left off.

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4. The Accidentals by Minrose Gwin


The Accidentals is the story of the McAlister sisters' lives after their mother Olivia has a botch backwoods abortion in pre-Roe v. Wade Mississippi. Olivia's death shakes the McAlister family and Olivia's spinster sister attempts to hold them all together. However, Olivia's husband becomes compelled to dig a bomb shelter in the backyard to protect his family while Grace winds up pregnant during an "unconventional love affair," going away to have the child in secret. June reveals her sister's pregnancy and, filled with guilt, lands herself in an unhappy marriage. A Black care worker in an New Orleans orphanage has their life changed forever by Grace's choices.

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5. The Lost Daughter by Gill Paul


It's 1918 and Grand Duchess Maria Romanov, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, is living in isolation with her family after her family's fall from grace. At nineteen, her life is now filled with isolation, boredom, and fear. Her flirtations with their guards may, unknowingly, be her only saving grace. In 1973, Val Doyle's father gives a deathbed confession: "I didn't want to kill her." Val is compelled to uncover the truth, coming upon a camera with the film still intact and a jewel-encrusted box that she's unable to open. It all leads to a mystery Val never expected: what happened to Maria.

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6. Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews


The latest book in Ilona Andrews' Hidden Legacy series, Sapphire Flames follows Catalina Baylor. A Prime, she's both holds the highest rank of magic and is the Head of her House. However, Catalina is afraid of her powers, afraid to use them. But then a friend's sister and mother are murdered and it becomes time for Catalina to come into her own for those she loves. Catalina once had a crush on Alessandro Sagredo, the Italian Prime, though now he seems to be part of something else, something powerful. His motive are unclear, though he can't seem to stay away from Catalina. In the process, Catalina will have to test the limits of her power, but it will cost her.

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7. The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare


The third book in Tessa Dare's Girl Meets Duke series, Gabriel Duke is from the slums but managed to climb his way up to high society. Now he plans to get revenge. Lady Penelope Campion has a big heart, opening it to wounded animals she cares for. Her new neighbor demands she get rid of the animals, but Penny has a better idea: she'll get rid of them if Gabriel finds them all homes. He figures it will be easy, but it isn't when you're a something of a cold-hearted bastard. However, this "shyly pretty spinster" wins him over and is hellbent on saving him too. Will she want to if he ruins her first?

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