Here Are 6 Incredible Alpha Heroines in Romance Novels

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Romance Alpha Heroines

Alpha heroes are everywhere in romance, but what about the romance alpha heroines? Well, lucky for you, we found some books in which you can read about some incredible women.

There's a common misconception that "alpha" characters have to be cold, distant, dominating jerks. Of course, some of them are and some use it as a wall they build up around themselves, but that isn't always the case. I tend to see alpha heroines in romance as natural leaders, assertive characters, extroverts, independent folks who go after what they want. They don't have to have all those characteristics and those aren't the only characteristics alpha heroines are limited to them.

Alpha characters can also be really compassionate and considerate, especially toward the people they care about. Well, enough about what alpha heroines are - here are a few of our favorites! Check them out!

1. Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews


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Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series follows the aforementioned Kate, a woman with magic running through her veins. After humankind pursued technological advancements to the breaking point, magic re-infiltrated the world with a vengeance, completely unpredictable. When the magic rises, it causes cars to stall and planes to drop from the sky, but when it wanes, guns work again and magic spells cease to work. All the while, the Masters of the Dead control vampires and monsters prowl the streets.

Then there's Kate with her bigmouth and her trusty sword, an alpha heroine after our own hearts. Her magic makes her a walking target, so she hides in plain sight. Over time, Kate learns how to open her heart to friendship and love and, honestly, it's pretty awesome to see.

2. The Belle vs the BDOC by Amy Jo Cousins


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What's fun about The Belle vs. the BDOC by Amy Jo Cousins is that the character you'd expect to be the alpha heroine (the one you see on the cover) isn't. Instead, a traditionally feminine Southern belle named Shelby Summerfield is.

The book is set in 1993 at a northern college. Shelby immediately notices Florence Truong with her dapper style because she's the only other person on campus not wearing flannel back when grunge was height of fashion. With a crush on Florence, Shelby's really embarrassed when Florence walks in on what looks like a compromising position with a guy (it wasn't) during trivia night, probably leaving with the impression Shelby has a boyfriend.

Shelby begins to devise a plan that will hopefully bring her and Florence closer by putting together a trivia dream team. If trivia doesn't work, then perhaps the yearly campus-wide game of assassin will! Shelby's determined to show Florence she likes and that she doesn't have a boyfriend. She's a Southern belle on a mission.

3. An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole


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Alyssa Cole's An Extraordinary Union features an alpha heroine living during the Civil War. Elle Burns is a former slave living in Massachusetts. But she knows of the atrocities still going on in the country and decides to put her eidetic memory and her passion for justice to good use and becomes a spy for the Union Army.

A detective in Pinkerton's Secret Service, Malcolm McCall's mission is his deadliest to date. He must infiltrate an enclave of Rebel in Virginia. After meeting, Elle and Malcolm realize they have a common goal and decide to join forces. Malcolm is attracted to Elle's passion for helping others and the careful power she exudes.

A tale of forbidden love, they both know they must do their duty for the good of all, but it may just cost them each other.

4. Sugar by Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent


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Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent team up for the novella, Sugar, a novel about "annoyance at first sight." The titular character, Sugar, is an alpha heroine with "a smart mouth" and a compassionate heart.

When she and Colton meet, with his dog literally knocking her down on her butt, he wanted her but didn't want to. He was a workaholic and relationships weren't on his radar. But there was just something about Sugar. They both denied their attraction, but after being forced together, they're must come face-to-face with their true feelings.

5. Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova


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Lucky Pierce, main character of Zoraida Córdova's Luck on the Line, knows she doesn't live up to her name. She's always been anything but lucky. Still, this alpha heroine isn't one to settle and changes jobs and boyfriends as soon as they make her unhappy. Her mother, a celebrity chef, challenges Lucky to finish something for once, so she agrees to help out with launching The Star, her mother's new restaurant.

However, that means working with James, an egotistical and infuriating - and hot - chef. He's known for being the hottest bad boy chef in Boston, but James wants to be taken seriously. That means he needs to distance himself from his past and avoid the boss' daughter no matter how much wants her.

6. Mercenary Maidens series by Madeline Martin


If you're looking for a historical romance series full of alpha heroines, look no further than Madeline Martin's Mercenary Maidens! Unlike Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels' series, each book in the Mercenary Maidens series follows a different incredible woman.

Highland Spy follows Ariana Fitzroy, a card shark who gets asked to be a spy by Connor Grant, King James' personal assassin who also heads a group of female spies. Romance ensues. In Highland Ruse, Kaid MacLeod lost his entire family and now plans to abduct his enemies betrothed in attempt to end further bloodshed. But said betrothed is actually spy Delilah Canterbury and her target is Kaid. Highland Wrath is about Sylvi, a woman who became an assassin after her family was murdered. She meets Ian, who may be the clue to finding the people who killed her family.

Highland Spy, Book 1

Highland Ruse, Book 2

Highland Wrath, Book 3

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