Quiz: You'll Only Pass This 16 Question Test If You Know CPR

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Start with chest compressions first....

Take this sixteen question quiz to test your medical knowledge. Only people who know CPR will pass this quiz!

 Jan 21, 2021

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If you are performing CPR on a child and their chest does not rise with 1 breath, you:
Adjust the airway and give your second breath
Stop efforts to resuscitate the child.
Perform abdominal thrusts and look in the airway.

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What is the proper hand position when performing chest compressions on a 6 year old?
Two hands, upper third of the breast bone.
With two hands, lower half of breast bone.
2 hands circling the chest, thumbs on the beast bone

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You are babysitting an 8 month old when they suddenly start gagging. What should you do?
Alternate between 5 chest thrusts and 5 back blows
provide rescue breaths.
Closely observe in case the symptoms worsen

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What is the first link in the adult "chain of survival"?
Preventing heart disease.
early CPR
Early recognition

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While performing CPR your chest compressions should be:
Gentle and slow
Hard but slow with interruptions to check for pulse
Hard and fast

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How many parts are there in CPR?
3 - airway, breathing, circulation
6 parts
4 parts

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How far should a rescuer press down on an adult victim, when giving CPR with each compression?
One and a half to 2 inches pressing
5 centimeters
5 inches

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Duration needed for delivering a regular breath?
Three seconds
Ten seconds
One second

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How many compressions must be delivered within 1 minute when giving adult CPR?

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What is the ratio of compression – ventilation for an infant or child CPR?

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As a rescuer, you must try minimizing interruptions that to less than how many seconds?
1 min
10 seconds
5 minutes

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When giving CPR to children and adolescent, how far should you pressing down on the victim?
1/3 - 1/2 of chest
5 inches
7 inches

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When is the time CPR is highly effective?
Once they reach the hospital
When it is started immediately after a victim collapses
About 5 minutes after

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How many seconds are required for the completion of one CPR cycle?

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What age group infants fall into?
0-3 months
Up to two years old
1-12 months

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You use a butterfly bandage when...
You want it to be pretty!
A large surface scrape
A cut keeps splitting back open
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