Quiz: We Will Tell You Your Perfect Celebrity Match Based On 16 Questions

zac efron

Everyone has a soulmate... Who is yours?

Who is your ultimate celebrity match? Find out which hunky Hollywood man you are meant to be with and your type of man!

 Jun 09, 2017
1 of 16Choose Wisely!
What would you say your personal style is?
You're a classic. Stripes and dots & tasteful bows are your thing!
Ripped jeans, a band shirt, and black are your classic go-to's!
A dark lip, paired with a dress. Elegant and sophisticated!
Trendy and current is your name. Overalls and a large brim hat? Yes please!
2 of 16Choose Wisely!
Which of the following matters the most to you?
New experiences, growth
Love of friends and family
3 of 16Choose Wisely!
Where is your dream hometown?
Los Angeles, California
New York, New York
Cape Town, South Africa
Paris, France
4 of 16Choose Wisely!
Choose your wedding color scheme:
Deep purple and burgundy
Blush, rose, and light sage
Dark red and burnt oranges
Ice blue and grey
5 of 16Choose Wisely!
What is your dream job?
War zone journalist
An amazing artist
Kindergarten teacher
Paris fashion designer
6 of 16Choose Wisely!
Which would be the best birthday gift?
A brand new car
A passport and an flight to somewhere exotic
A beautiful designer dress and nice perfume
A signed Picasso painting
7 of 16Choose Wisely!
What is your favorite movie?
Sleepless in Seattle
La La Land
Mean Girls
8 of 16Choose Wisely!
The men you usually date ...
... get you front row tickets to your favorite baseball team's game
... give you an extra motorcycle helmet and road trip up the coast
... take you to a cool new art exhibition
... make you a romantic dinner at home
9 of 16Choose Wisely!
Your ideal wedding location is...
A vineyard in Napa Valley
In an aquarium, under the "sea"
A beach in Santa Barbara, CA
Barcelona, Spain
10 of 16Choose Wisely!
You broke up with your last boyfriend because...
He was way too clingy
He didn't love his mama enough
He didn't care enough about art or music
He never made time for the romantic stuff
11 of 16Choose Wisely!
What is the most important quality in a man?
A smile that could kill
12 of 16Choose Wisely!
What is your go-to hairstyle?
An easy top knot
Beautiful curls
You expect me to know how to do my hair?
A loose French braid
13 of 16Choose Wisely!
Ideally, how would you and your soulmate meet?
On a hike
A wine bar
The beach
At a concert
14 of 16Choose Wisely!
What was your favorite high school class?
Science class
Art class
15 of 16Choose Wisely!
Where is your ideal first date?
The hip new sushi restaurant
A bar for drinks
Dinner and a movie.. a classic
At a cozy coffee shop
16 of 16Choose Wisely!
What kind of music do you listen to the most?
The classics (Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Madonna..)
Indie/Folk music
Rock and roll
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