Quiz: Can You Answer These 16 First Aid Questions Every Human Should Know?


Are you ready to fix that booboo?

This sixteen question quiz will challenge the quiz taker on their first aid experience and knowledge!

 Nov 15, 2017
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What should you do if someone is going into anaphylactic shock?
Run and scream
Give them CPR
Stab them with an epi pen!
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What can you do to help if someone is bleeding?
Put pressure on the injury
Squeeze around the injury
Leave them to find a band-aid
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What should you do if someone has a broken leg?
Help them support their leg with splits
Carry them
Wrap a bandage around the leg
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What should you do if you find someone unconscious?
Immediately call 911
Immediately begin CPR
Check for breathing
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Which of the following is a sign of low blood sugar?
A bad attitude
A fever
Hunger and weakness
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What is the first thing you should do for someone with low blood sugar?
Give them something sugary to eat
Tell them they're just hangry
have them lie down
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To clean a dirty, open wound, what do you use?
Hydrogen peroxide
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If you hear a crack while performing CPR, what do you do?
Stop and wait
Continue going, its supposed to happen
Check for broken bones
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What should you do if someone spills hot coffee on their hand?
Apply burn cream
Hold their hand under cold running water
Put pressure on their hand
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What should you always wear when performing first aid?
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Which sudden illness is usually caused by a blockage of blood to the brain?
A heart attack
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What are signs that someone is bleeding internally?
They suddenly have bumps and swollen spots on the body
They are crying
They have labored breathing
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What do you do if someone has heat exhaustion?
Pour ice on them
Get them some place cool to gradually bring their body temp down
Force them to drink water
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F.A.S.T. is short for:
face, arm, speech and time
fever, anxiety, stress and taste
fast, assistance, stops, trauma
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What do you do if someone has a seizure?
pin them down
move any objects that could hurt them and let the seizure pass
stick something in their mouth so they don't hurt their tongue
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If someone is "lactose intolerant" they can not ________________ .
Be exposed to too much sunlight
Eat dairy products!
Handle criticism very well
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