Where To Watch Vikings Season 5 Online And On TV

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Where To Watch Vikings Season 5 online and on TV!

Where To Watch Vikings Season 5 Online And On TV

How unbelievably excited are you to watch Vikings season 5 premiere? The new Vikings Season 5 premiere will are on November 29 at 9/8c on the History Channel. Vikings season 4 ended in a dramatic twist, where Ragnar sacrificed himself to save his son. Are you already itching to know more? We are too! For now, here's everything we know about where you can watch the Vikings season 5!

Where To Watch Vikings Seasons 1-4

Before we even get to watching Vikings season 5, we've got to address where you can catch up on last season! The easiest place to watch Vikings season 4 is on the History channel website. However, if you have a subscription, you watch the entire Vikings series on hulu.com. Which is beyond convenient if you are just starting to watch the entire show!

Can I Watch Vikings Season 5 Online At The History Channel?

The short answer is yes! However, because Vikings Season 5 has not premiered yet, you will have to wait to watch the newest season on the History Channel online. But! There is a ton of new content all about Vikings Season 5 already up on their website. So for the inner Vikings nerd in you, you can go geek out!

Can I Watch Vikings Season 5 On Amazon?

You can watch all of the seasons before the newest (seasons 1-5) on Amazon.com, however this is only if you are an amazon prime member! Otherwise you will have to pay quite a bit per episode! Vikings Season 5 will most likely be on amazon.com, however will be delayed each week!

Watch Vikings Season 5 Every Wednesday at 9|8c on The History Channel.

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