On Snapchat How Can You Know If Someone Follows You If You Don't Follow Them?

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Since Snapchat is designed to be extremely secretive, it makes figuring out how to know if someone follows you on Snapchat if you don't follow them that much harder to do.

As of now, there is no official way to know if someone follows you on Snapchat when you don't follow them.


Unlike Instagram, where the app has two very clear lists of followers and following, Snapchat does not make this information available.

The only way to figure out if someone is following you on Snapchat is by closely monitoring who looks at your Snapchat stories. This is questionable, however, because not everyone views your stories every time.

But there is a way to figure out if a person follows you when you do follow them.

How To Find Out If A Person Is Following You When You Do Follow Them

While it is hard to figure out whether someone is following you without out following them back, there are some awesome secrets when it comes to finding out if someone follows you back when you do follow them.

To Find Out Whether Someone Follows You Back, Tap and Hold Their Snapchat Name Until Their Yellow Ghost Icon and Snapcode Come Up


You can easily find a person by going to your chat page (swipe right) and searching their name in the search box at the top.

If You Follow Each Other (Mutually), You Will See Their Snapscore


If you two follow each other, you will see their Snapscore next to their Snapchat name. Their Snapscore is an aggregate of all the Snapchat photos and videos that they have sent and received.

If You Don't Follow Each other, You Will NOT See Their Snapscore


If you follow someone, but they don't follow you back, you will just see their Snapchat name. Their score won't be there, like it was with your friends. Surprise, surprise, my best friend Macklemore doesn't actually follow me back. Oh well!

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