Can Someone Else Save Your Snapchat Story?

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Do you remember the times when stories didn't even exist on Snapchat? All we had were those quick 10-second videos. Now the app has become so complex, we even have Snapmap to play with! But with all the complexities, it has become increasingly unclear and confusing exactly how long our content will stay live, who can see what and — most importantly — if other people can save your Snapchat story.

Right now, Snapchat has made it impossible for other people to save your Snapchat story without you knowing. While there are ways around it, most often you will know who is looking at your funny videos!

Ways To Save Other People's Snapchat Stories

While there is no official way to save someone else's Snapchat story, there are certain ways to get around it. If they're just photos, you can easily screenshot them by pressing the home button and lock button (at the same time) on your iPhone. Of course, this will let the other person know that you screenshot their story, but if its your bestie, who cares!

If you wanted to secretly save your friends story, you can use "screen recording" apps for your phone, like dr.fone. This app won't tell your friends that you're recording their stories, so get your stalker on!

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