Quiz: We Will Tell You How Far You'd Get In Jeopardy Based On 16 Questions


Potpourri for $400, please!

If you're a trivia master or fan of Jeopardy, take this fun jeopardy style quiz about general knowledge to see if you'd be a good contestant!

 Aug 16, 2017
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This number, one of the first 20, uses only one vowel (4 times!).
What is 17?
What is 14?
What is 2?
What is 2?
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This President is often associated with having wooden teeth.
Who is Abraham Lincoln?
Who is George Washington?
Who is Donald Trump?
Who is James Madison?
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In the United States, this breed of dog is commonly known as a firehouse dog.
What is a Doberman?
What is a German Shepard?
What is a Dalmatian?
What is a Golden Retriever?
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"Call me Ishmael" is the iconic opening line of this novel.
What is Animal Farm?
What is A Tale Of Two Cities?
What is the Scarlet Letter?
What is Moby Dick?
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The language spoken in the Netherlands.
What is Dutch?
What is Farsi?
What is Danish?
What is Swedish?
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The abbreviation for this element is Au.
What is silver?
What is gold?
What is steel?
What is aluminum?
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In the famous painting, Mona Lisa is missing this feature.
What are ears?
What is a nose?
What is a mouth?
What are eyebrows?
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This animal takes its name from the Greek for "River Horse".
What is the Seahorse?
What is the Whale?
What is the Hippopotamus?
What is the Water Buffalo?
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The Statue of Liberty was a gift from this country.
What is France?
What is Japan?
What is Germany?
What is England?
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This city is known as the home of jazz.
What is Nashville?
What is New Orleans?
What is Austin?
What is New York?
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This Chess piece may only move diagonally.
What is a Pawn?
What is a Knight?
What is a Rook?
What is a Bishop?
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The supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras.
What is Pangaea?
What is Antarctica?
What is North America?
What is Hawaii?
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These are the feuding families in Romeo and Juliet.
Who are the Dukes and Smiths?
Who are the Gryffindors and the Slytherins?
Who are the Montagues and the Capulets?
Who are the Shakespeares and the Romulets?
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This green pigment is necessary for plants to carry out photosynthesis.
What is eukaryote?
What is chlorophyll?
What is photosynthesizer?
What is cytoplasm?
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This "American Food" was actually invented in America.
What are fries?
What is mac n cheese?
What is pizza?
What is popcorn?
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The Greek God of the sky.
Who is Aries?
Who is Aries?
Who is Zeus?
Who is Athena?
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