Quiz: Can You Name All Of These People Who Changed The Course of History?

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Florence Foster Jenkins Via Paramount Pictures

Can you name all of these people who changed the world?

How many of these iconic historical figures can you name? Take this fun history quiz to see how many people you can identify by only one image!

 Aug 11, 2017

1 of 50Who is this?

Rosa Parks, history
via Wikimedia Commons
Sylvia Plath
Anne of Green Gables
Rosa Parks

2 of 50Who is this?

margaret thatcher
Wikimedia Commons
Margaret Thatcher
Martha Washington
Meryl Streep

3 of 50Who is this?

Abraham Lincoln
via Wikimedia Commons
Abraham Lincoln
Mark Twain
John Adams

4 of 50Who is this?

juju, history, celebs, women, baby boomers, marilyn monroe
Via Wikimedia Commons
Grace Kelly
Marilyn Monroe

5 of 50Who is this?

King Louis X
F. Scott Fitzgerald
King Henry VIII

6 of 50Who is this?

Alfred Hitchcock, grace kelly, Rear Window, movies/tv, celebs
Paramount Pictures
Ava Gardner
Tina Turner
Grace Kelly

7 of 50Who is this?

princess diana
ABC News
Anita Hill
Billie Jean King
Princess Diana

8 of 50Who is this?

history, influential figures, Nelson Mandela
via Wikimedia Commons
Nelson Mandela
Mata Hari
Michael Jackson

9 of 50Who is this?

Susan B Anthony
Susan B. Anthony
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Sojourner Truth

10 of 50Who is this?

J.K Rowling
Gabrielle Union
Coco Chanel

11 of 50Who is this?

Jaqueline Kennedy
Elizabeth Taylor
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Audrey Hepburn

12 of 50Who is this?

Steve Jobs
Tim Cook
Bill Gates

13 of 50Who is this?

amelia earhart
Wikimedia Commons
Cate Blanchett
Amelia Earhart
Sally Fields

14 of 50Who is this?

walt disney
via Disney
Alfred Hitchcock
Walt Disney
Holden Caulfield

15 of 50Who is this?

Theodore Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln
Ernest Hemingway

16 of 50Who is this?

Serena Williams
Billie Jean King
Maria Sharapova

17 of 50Who is this?

van gogh
Andy Warhol
Vincent Van Gogh

18 of 50Who is this?

Ingrid Bergman, old hollywood, celebs
Paramount Pictures
Ingrid Bergman
Marla Singer
Gene Kelly

19 of 50Who is this?

Stephen King
Ronald Reagan
Harvey Milk

20 of 50Who is this?

Wikimedia Commons
James Madison
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein

21 of 50Who is this?

Shirley Temple, old hollywood, celebs
Annie Hall
Miley Cyrus
Shirley Temple

22 of 50Who is this?

hitler, culture
Joseph Stalin
Karl Marx
Adolf Hitler

23 of 50Who is this?

marie curie
Rachel Carson
Anne Frank
Marie Curie

24 of 50Who is this?

fidel castro, history
Henry Ford
John Snow
Fidel Castro

25 of 50Who is this?

gloria steinem
Wikimedia Commons
Gloria Steinem
Dorothy Dandridge
Melissa McCarthy

26 of 50Who is this?

muhammed ali
Pete Rose
Muhammed Ali
Floyd Mayweather

27 of 50Who is this?

audrey hepburn
Grace Kelly
Gene Kelly
Audrey Hepburn

28 of 50Who is this?

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Stephen Hawking
Lionel Richie

29 of 50Who is this?

Hilary Clinton
Janis Joplin
Joan Jett
Hilary Clinton

30 of 50Who is this?

elvis preseley, elvis, celebs, Music, pop culture
Paul McCartney
Sean Penn
Elvis Presley

31 of 50Who is this?

Marie Antoinette
Wikimedia Commons
Marie Antoinette
Queen Victoria
Grace Kelly

32 of 50Who is this?

Jack the Ripper
Dalai Lama

33 of 50Who is this?

George Washington, celebs
George Washington
John Adams
George Lucas

34 of 50Who is this?

Wikimedia Commons
Joan of Arc

35 of 50Who is this?

marlon brando, old hollywood, celebs
Paramount Pictures
James Adams
J.R. Tolkien
Marlon Brando

36 of 50Who is this?

Queen Elizabeth
Princess Diana
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria

37 of 50Who is this?

louis armstrong
Jimi Hendrix
Louis Armstrong
Langston Hughes

38 of 50Who is this?

Anne Frank
Elizabeth Taylor
Anne Frank
Shirley Temple

39 of 50Who is this?

iconic figures
Nancy Reagan
Eleanor Roosevelt
Marilyn Monroe

40 of 50Who is this?

Michael Jordan
LeBron James
Kobe Bryant
Michael Jordan

41 of 50Who is this?

elizabeth taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Zoe Saldana
Grace Jene

42 of 50Who is this?

iconic figures
Charlie Chaplin
James Dean
Adolf Hitler

43 of 50Who is this?

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Oprah Winfrey
Whoopi Goldberg

44 of 50Who is this?

james dean
Warner Bros.
George Clooney
Mark Twain
James Dean

45 of 50Who is this?

sally ride
Amelia Earhart
Sally Ride
Sandra Bullock

46 of 50Who is this?

malcolm x
Wikimedia Commons
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcom X
Jesse Jackson

47 of 50Who is this?

Mother Teresa
Princess Diana
Anna Kournikova
Mother Teresa

48 of 50Who is this?

Aretha Franklin, queen of soul, celebs, Music
Aretha Franklin
Whitney Houston
Venus Williams

49 of 50Who is this?

King Henry VIII
William Shakespeare
George Washington

50 of 50Who is this?

martin luther king, history, school
Malcolm X
Jackie Robinson
Martin Luther King Jr
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Most people won't be able to name every single one of these historical figures... are you up to the challenge? You'll need to know influential people from throughout history. From America's discovery to the inventor of Apple, can you recognize them and everyone in between? All of these people had some significant impact on history, whether good or bad. The best way to prepare for our future and keep improving and growing is to learn from the past. Part of learning from the past is recognizing all the historical figures that impacted society and shaped the world into what it is today. This fun quiz will test you on all of these poeple. How many if the worlds most influential figures of all time will you be able to recognize?