Only 4% Of Americans Can Get 25/25 On This Ultimate 5-Subject Aptitude Test

You'll only pass this if you know everything about everything!

Few Americans will pass this fun quiz which will ask you various questions from 5 different categories. Grammar, Geography, Music, Film and History.

 Feb 16, 2018

1 of 30We'll start off simple! First subject is...
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2 of 30Fill in the blank!

3 of 30What is the name of this symbol?

4 of 30Pick your answer!
My phone is over their.
My phone is over there.
My phone is over they're.

5 of 30Pick your answer!

6 of 30Pick your answer!
Nib it in the bud!
Nip it in the bud!
Nip it in the butt!

7 of 30Subject number 2 is...
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8 of 30Identify the movie!

Paramount Pictures
Rain Man
Forrest Gump

9 of 30Who is this actor?

Paramount Pictures
Al Pacino
James Dean
Marlon Brando

10 of 30Who directed the hit movie series, "Star Wars"?
George Lucas
Quentin Tarantino
Steven Spielberg

11 of 30This is the iconic closing line of which film?
Gone With The Wind
Breakfast At Tiffanys

12 of 30Identify this film by it's blurry movie poster:
Pulp Fiction
Pretty Woman
Dirty Dancing

13 of 30Ready for your next subject?
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14 of 30"Flappers" are associated with which decade?

15 of 30Which President was allegedly romantically involved with Marilyn Monroe?
Theodore Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Raegan

16 of 30These brothers built and flew the first successful airplane.
The Orville Brothers
The Warner Brothers
The Wright Brothers

17 of 30Identify this historical icon:

Wikimedia Commons
Helen Keller
Anne Frank
Shirley Temple

18 of 30The "Red Scare" during the 40s and 50s was the fear of the spread of...
The Black Plague

19 of 30This subject should be easy...
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20 of 30Which country is pictured below?
South Africa

21 of 30What is the line dividing the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres?
Parallel 50

22 of 30The native language of the Netherlands is ______.

23 of 30Below is the flag of:

24 of 30In which country would you find Machu Picchu?

25 of 30Final subject, finish out strong!
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26 of 30Identify the song from the following lyric:
"American Pie" by Don McLean
"Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp
"Piano Man" by Billy Joel

27 of 303 Words: King of Pop.
David Bowie
Michael Jackson

28 of 30Identify the band associated with this image:
Pink Floyd
The Beatles

29 of 30Finish the lyrics to "...Baby One More Time"!
I still believe
I need you here
I still love you

30 of 30The following image is from which 1984 music video?
"Vogue" by Madonna
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
"Like a Virgin" by Madonna
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