Virgo September 2019 Horoscope: What's in Store?

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Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Virgo, This Is Your Very Accurate September Horoscope for 2019

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

The planets in your first house of makeovers and your second house of luxury are encouraging you to pamper yourself. Did someone say spa date?

September is a very energetic and productive month for you, just the way you like it. This is month of reflecting upon what you truly want in your life and going after it.

The full moon in Pisces on September 14th in your house of relationships is shining a light on whether your partnerships are fulfilling you. If not, ask yourself what adjustments need to be made. Dreamy planet Neptune is also in the relationship house. Therefore, it may be time to see beyond smokey mirrors and be realistic about your situation. Be honest with yourself and your partner about your needs.

The last two weeks of the month emphasize your finances. Venus in the money house may bring the desire to buy yourself a luxurious birthday gift. The new moon is also occurring in this area on September 28th, which could bring new financial opportunities. If you've been wanting to start a new business, this is the perfect time! The planets are urging you to set aside some you time and also to reset your financial goals.

Virgo September Mantra

Stand Out Dates for Virgo in September 2019:

  • 9/1

  • 9/4

  • 9/28

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