Virgo May 2019 Horoscope—What's in Store for You?

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You are being asked to get very clear on your aspirations.

Virgo May 2019 Horoscope

Virgo, the month of May has the potential to bring you mental clarity on your purpose and dreams. The key is to take action to do less. Yes, it seems like an oxymoron.

You, dear Virgo, often do best when you have a task to accomplish. Therefore, your job is to clear mental space through meditation, any spiritual pursuits, or even a trip to a foreign land where you can truly unplug.

The planets are dancing in your house of long-distance travel, spirituality, and expanding beyond boundaries. If you can surrender enough to break down your mental barriers, you will be amazed at what is possible for you this month.

Meditation truly is the key for you to unlock and reveal this realm of possibility. The month starts off this planetary party in this expansive house on May 4th. Think of this new moon as a blank canvas in which to paint the life you've always wanted and, most importantly, allow fear to fade away.

May 18th brings a full moon in your house of mental activity. This full moon acts as another reminder to get out of your head and enjoy all life has to offer.

On May 22nd, communication planet Mercury moves into your career and social status house. This will give you an opportunity to directly apply the insights you've received into your career.

Perhaps it is time to ask your boss for a raise or maybe you return to your job with a fresh perspective. Surrender and get out of your comfort zone this month.

Stand Out Dates for Virgo in May 2019:

  • 5/4

  • 5/18

  • 5/22

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