Taurus November Monthly Horoscope for 2019

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November is a powerful month for you, Taurus!

Taurus, This Is Your Very Accurate November Horoscope for 2019

Dear Taurus, November is a powerful month for you!

The relationship house is being activated on a deep level. Mercury is retrograde, which is encouraging self-reflection. You will be healing and revisiting past wounds from relationships. Give yourself some time alone to recharge and contemplate.

You are craving freedom and independence. The inner retreat will rejuvenate you deeply. If you are in committed partnership, you will be reflecting upon what is truly important. This could involve marriage or business. This gives you the opportunity to open a new chapter after you release habits which are not serving you.

Spend the first three weeks gaining clarity on what you want. After November 21st, renegotiate your terms in partnership so you can grow together or be open to a new person entering your life. Either way, you will feel transformed on a deep level.

Trust that as old energy is released, you become like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. The healing may be internal, such as a changing of an old, outdated paradigm. You have the ability to change your limiting beliefs about relationships and money.

The full moon on November 12th is conjoining with the planet of surprise, Uranus. This is allowing you to rebrand and makeover your entire life.

The new moon towards the end of the month has the potential to bring you good news about money.

This is truly a month of transformation on many levels. You will feel confident and begin to feel like a new you. Be unique, be genuine, be open, and be you!

Stand Out Dates for Taurus in November:

  • 11/11

  • 11/23

  • 11/26

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