Scorpio Horoscope for April 2019—What's in Store?

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Get ready for romance, money, and... children?

Scorpio, This Is Your Very Accurate April Horoscope for 2019

Romance, children, money, and partnerships are the main themes for you this month.

There are several planets spending most of April in your house of romance, fun, and children. Neptune, the planet of the unconscious, is unveiling your desires of having (or not having) children, or perhaps the need to be more playful. Venus, the planet of love, is asking you to make time for romance. Mercury, the planet of communication, is insisting you talk or write about the insights you gain on children and romance.

At the end of the month, Mercury and Venus will move into your house of health and routine. If you decide you want to have children, you may begin to change the way you exercise and eat. Maybe you decide you'd like to change the way you feed your kids or you want to look and feel the way you did as a teenager. Whatever the case for you, a change in your health regimen is likely.

Scorpios need balance, so make sure you schedule time to rest and recover. Also remember what you enjoyed as a child and bring it back into your life in some capacity.

Play is key for you this month. You are likely feeling the energy of expansive planet Uranus, as it moved last month into your house of marriage and partnerships, where it will remain for seven years.

It is important you find ways to work together with your romantic or business partners. If you don't, fighting and arguing will be the result. If you find yourself becoming aggressive or judgmental, walk away and take a break.

The more you play this month, the happier you will be!

Stand Out Dates for Scorpio in April 2019:

  • 4/5

  • 4/20

  • 4/21

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