The Most Accurate Gemini January 2020 Horoscope

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January kicks off a transformative year for you, Gemini!

Gemini, Your January 2020 Horoscope Is Here—And It's SO Accurate

Dear Gemini, this will be a very transformative year for you in all areas or life.

Anything that is no longer working will be removed from your life. This is making room for a new chapter to begin.

Money is a theme for you this month. Financial planning is important for you at this time. The lunar full moon eclipse on January 10th is occurring in your money house. Get your QuickBooks up to date and balance your check book. This a great time to pitch investors or to ask for a loan.

The end of the month is ripe for launching a new project, traveling, or spiritual pursuits.

Action planet Mars moves into your relationship house on January 4th and will remain there for the remainder of the month. It is time to proactively better your romantic and business relationships. Release the dead weight and make room for inspiring and compassionate love.

You may be changing your relationship status, as loving Venus hangs out at the top of your chart all month. If you are single, you could meet someone in a learning environment, while traveling abroad or at work.

Clarity is key. Trust your gut and create space in your life for what you truly desire.

Stand Out Dates for Gemini in January 2020:

  • 1/4

  • 1/10

  • 1/17

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