The Most Accurate Gemini August 2019 Horoscope

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It's time to see your name in lights, Gemini!

Gemini, This Is Your Very Accurate August Horoscope for 2019

Gemini, overall you will feel more like yourself again this month. Your ruling planet Mercury is finally moving direct again. Several planets are convening in your house of communications.

If July was frustrating for you, you will find August is much more harmonious. You will feel like your normal articulate self again.

The full moon on August 15th will shine a light on travel, learning, and teaching. International learning or business may provide dreamy opportunities. This is a great month to launch your website, blog, or publish your book.

Jupiter is still retrograde in your house of relationships. Jupiter sprinkles fairy dust on whichever area of your life she is housed. During this retrograde period, you are gaining clarity on what is truly important to you in regards to your romantic and business relationships.

Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in you house of death and rebirth. You are being urged to cut the cords of anything no longer serving you. As long as you shed the outdated layers of your life, doors of opportunity and greater love will swing wide open. Do the deep and difficult work of releasing old patterns and relationships you've outgrown. You will be rewarded in ways you've only dreamed possible.

The new moon in Virgo on August 30th occurring in your home sector will have you organizing and decluttering your home. This new moon could possibly have you moving in with your partner. Speak from your heart and your words will come out like honey all month long.

Stand Out Dates for Gemini in August 2019:

  • 8/12

  • 8/15

  • 8/21

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