The Most Accurate Cancer August 2019 Horoscope

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You'll be reaping plenty of rewards this month, Cancer.

Cancer, This Is Your Very Accurate August Horoscope for 2019

Cancer, August will be somewhat lighter for you emotionally.

You are ruled by the moon and with the intensity of the new and full moon eclipses in July, I'm sure you are ready for a break.

Finances will by on your mind most of August, as the personal planets are dancing in your money house. You will feel driven to get your finances in order. With Mercury direct again it's a great time to speak to a financial planner and get a clear picture of your budget and future goals. You may receive some exciting money news as well.

The full moon on August 15th in your house of death and rebirth is forcing you to let go of the past or anything weighing you down. You are still riding the waves of July's Cancer new moon solar eclipse. The more you shed, the higher you will fly.

The new moon at the end of the month is providing you with a blank slate to write your future destiny. This is great time for you to publish your writing. It is time for you to get your work out into the world. Shed the doubt and fear because they are only holding you back from your dreams. The time for you to shine is now!

Stand Out Dates for Cancer in August 2019:

  • 8/8

  • 8/15

  • 8/30

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