Aries Horoscope and Stand Out Dates for February 2019

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This month is about getting your groove back!

Aries February 2019 Horoscope

Go Aries go!

You finally have your groove back with all the planets moving forward in the sky. You may feel more like yourself than you have in quite some time. You aren't one to sit and do nothing, so the retrograde energy at the end of 2018 may have been a bit uncomfortable. As painful as it may have been for some of you, it was necessary to hibernate and rest.

The planets are moving in a direction which feels much more natural to you now. There is a lot of forward momentum just the way you like it. You will feel more vitality than you have in months. Motivation has never been an issue for you, so with the added energy boost, you can now accomplish anything you put your mind to.

The stars are giving you an extra push forward. However, there is a catch. You must slow down enough to listen to your heart. You are receiving divine whispers of guidance and if you keep running, you may miss the message.

Also, the powerful energy of the January eclipses are still lingering and asking you to release some old baggage so you can fly. If you listen and release, you will find the universe is working in your favor.

Aries, you are unstoppable this month. The key is to soften your assertive tendency to push through barriers. If you listen to your heart, you will find the doors swing wide open for you.

Work smarter not harder this month. It is time to use your mind differently. Meditation or yoga would be beneficial for you.

Aries, this month you can manifest all of your desires: Love, career, health. You name it and it will appear like magic for you.

Stand Out Dates for Aries in February 2019:

  • 2/10

  • 2/14

  • 2/28

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