The Most Accurate Aquarius August 2019 Horoscope

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An engagement could be coming your way, Aquarius!

Aquarius, This Is Your Very Accurate August Horoscope for 2019

Aquarius, I know you often like to work alone. However, partnerships are highlighted for you this month. Collaborate with others as much as possible.

Mercury is no longer retrograde, which will be enhancing communication with your loved ones as well as business associates.

If you are in a relationship, you will feel harmoniously connected all month. For those of you who are single, you could meet someone special in August if you get out and mingle. Business partnerships and networking look great for you as well. You will have the magic touch with all of your social interactions.

Lucky Jupiter is moving direct August 12th in your house of friendships, inspiration, and networking. This will have you feeling inspired and motivated again.

The full moon on August 15th will be shining a light on how you present yourself to the world. You may be inspired to change up your look and clean out your closet. If you are holding onto anything that does not reflect who you truly are, donate it and create space for new energy to enter. Declutter and organize your life.

By the end of the month, several planets move into your house of death and rebirth. Release things, relationships, and patterns that no longer reflect your highest good. Do the clearing work now and you will be pleasantly surprised at the abundance which flows to you.

Stand Out Dates for Aquarius in August 2019:

  • 8/12

  • 8/21

  • 8/30

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