Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Quiz If You’ve Travelled To Amsterdam


Did ya see the "Fault in Our Stars" Bench?

A quiz about the various attractions in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, including the Anne Frank House, and more.

 Oct 04, 2017

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Amsterdam is the capital of
The Netherlands

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The official language of Amsterdam is

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Amsterdam was founded as which type of community in the 13th century?
farming town
fishing village
luxury brand seller

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The Royal Palace in the center of Amsterdam is located on what big square?

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What is one of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam?
The Plague Center
The Red Light District
Starry Night Lights

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_____ is the most famous sports club in Amsterdam

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The big river than runs through Amsterdam is

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Home to many paintings by Rembrandt and the biggest museum in Amsterdam
Ver Wall Museum
Van Abbemuseum

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_____ is Amsterdam's nickname
Venice of the North
Low Key Salty
Ralph Polo

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In 1998, Amsterdam hosted what big sports-event?
The Gay Games
Worldwide Basketball Games

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In which year did Amsterdam host the Olympics?

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What is the tallest building in Amsterdam, named after a famous Dutch painter?
Don Quixote Tower
Rembrandt Tower
Phillips Tower

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_______ Station is the most important train station in Amsterdam
New City

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The city code for Amsterdam is

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To call the police in an emergency, you'd dial
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