Quiz: Can You Actually Get A 10/12 On This History Test? A Teacher Could!


They say that history repeats itself.

A quiz including various facts throughout history, particularly in the United States, including the Louisiana Purchase, and more.

 Oct 18, 2017

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The first president of the United States was
George Washington
Henry Carver
Tom Ford

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Which German city was once divided by a wall?

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______ discovered Cuba
Christopher Columbus
Harry Tee
Vlad Idle

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Which country invented fireworks?

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Which state was the last to join the United States?

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____ US presidents were assassinated during their term in office

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Why was Greenland called Greenland?
to deter people from taking the land
to convince potential settlers of its fertility
to show national pride

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Which of those territories was never under European control during the 19th century?

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The ______ was a gift from France to the United States
Mall of America
Eiffel Tower
Statue of Liberty

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Before the Meiji Restoration, who was the effective ruler of Japan?
the Shogun
the emperor's wife
the Meiki

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Henry VII had six wives because he wanted
more money
an heir

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Which famous British writer wrote "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility"?
Quincy Adams
Larry Bird
Jane Austen
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