Even Science Agrees, People Who Sleep More Are Actually More Fun


The best excuse to sleep late, ever.

Sleep: we'd all like more of it, and we all make excuses to avoid it. There's always something more important than that extra hour of shut eye–putting in overtime, hitting the gym, cleaning the house, watching Netflix...

Turns out more sleep can mean more fun, more happiness, and more creativity. Science says to ditch the late nights and early mornings.

Here's why:

1. Sleep and happiness go hand in hand.


One recent study showed an undeniable link between hours of sleep and levels of wellbeing in American adults. While the study can't say for sure whether sleep leads to a higher sense of wellbeing or a sense of wellbeing leads to more sleep, it almost doesn't matter. Either way, you'll be happy and well-rested!

2. Sleeping late will put you in good mood.


A study in England measured stress hormones in early risers and late sleepers and–surprise, surprise–found that people who sleep in experience less stress. Makes sense; after all, late sleepers miss out on the crazy morning rush.

3. Non-morning people are more creative.


The author of a Milanese study that measured creativity in night owls and early birds found that creativity comes from "development of a non-conventional spirit." This trait was found to be more prevalent in night owls who sleep late rather than morning people.

4. Sleep helps you feel great physically.


It's true–women who get 8 hours of sleep or more are proven to be more physically fit, active, and energetic.

5. Less sleep means less sex.


In 2007, a Dutch scientist proved that sleep deprivation actually suppresses arousal. If that's not enough reason to get more sleep, we don't know what is!

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6. More sleep means more friends.


When our bodies don't get enough sleep, it affects the prefrontal cortex. This could lead to poor decision making and awkward behavior in social settings–so get more sleep and make more friends.

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