17 Ways Being Happily Single Will Make You A Better Future S.O.

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Love yourself before you love someone else.

There's a big difference between being single and being happily single.

It's the difference between loneliness and independence; between needing and wanting; between settling and letting go. Master being happy in your singledom, and trust us–your next relationship will be better for it.

Here's why:

1. You Have a Sense of Self-Worth


While single, you become well acquainted with just how freaking awesome you are. Having an established sense of self-worth means that you won't put up with anyone who doesn't treat you right.

2. You Know How to Live On Your Own–and You Like It


Whether you live alone, with roommates, or even with your parents, you establish an independent routine that doesn't rely on a romantic partner. When things get serious with your next S.O., you won't be jumping into a cohabitation situation until you're really ready.

3. You Can Take Care of Yourself


You learn to rely on #1–yourself. You're not waiting for someone else to handle your business, and that's sexy as hell.

4. You're Financially Independent


Even if you don't make a ton of money, being single forces you to figure out how to support yourself. When your future partner comes along, you'll wait until the time is right to bundle your bank accounts–no messy breakups necessary.

5. You Have Your Own Hobbies and Interests


Granted, being single can leave you with a lot of time on your hands–but who says that's a bad thing? Use the time to explore new hobbies, interests, and friendships. One, it's guaranteed to up your conversation skills. Two, you never know who you might meet!

6. You Know What You're Looking For


Being single gives you time to dive deep within to figure out who you really are and what you really want. Once you know that, you're not willing to accept anything less.

7. Your Independence Is Attractive


...and not just to potential partners–to yourself, as well! Once you can revel in your independence, you'll feel 100x more attractive from the inside out.

8. Your Future Plans Won't Revolve Around Your Partner


Have a rich, full life before your S.O. and you'll have a rich, full life with them. You won't give up on the things you loved to do while single just because you're partnered up.

9. You Trust Yourself


You know when you second-guess things in a relationship–"Am I asking too much/being too needy?" Yeah, you won't do that after you spend some good single time with yourself. You trust your instincts enough to know when a relationship is right.

10. You've Healed Your Old Wounds


Take your time with being single and tend to your old relationship wounds. When the right person comes along, you won't be looking to them to fix you.

11. You're Not Needy


You'll master the whole independence thing while single–and that won't go out the window with your partner. After all, no one wants to feel stifled by a clingy S.O.

12. You Won't Settle


Because you're actually happy being single, you won't settle for a so-so relationship just to have someone by your side.

13. You're confident enough to go for what you want.


If you learn anything while single, it's that you deserve happiness. You're less likely to wait on a text (or a Tinder message) and more likely to make the first move–and you never know what kind of amazing things that could lead to.

14. You're not looking for your "other half."


Being single teaches you that you are a whole person. You're not looking for someone to fill in the gaps; you're looking for a S.O. that supplements your already-amazing life. When two whole people come together, it's nothing short of incredible.

15. You're Scientifically Proven to Be In Better Shape


Science says: single people are more physically fit. When your body feels good, your mind feels good–and that leads to stronger physical and intellectual chemistry when you're ready to explore relationships again.

16. You're Sexually Confident


Whether you spend your single days having casual flings or solo sessions (or both), you have time to figure out what really turns you on and gets you off. Bringing that knowledge into your next relationship basically guarantees off-the-charts-amazing sex.

17. You Value Yourself Enough to Be Honest


If your relationship isn't working, you're not one to force it. You value yourself enough to be honest when things have reached their end instead of latching on to a love that doesn't serve you. And that's pretty badass.

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