13 Excuses You Tell Yourself When Cheating On Your Diet

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We all do it.

If you're a woman, chances are you've been on a diet at some point in your life. Chances are you've also cheated on that diet by using one of these almost-too-easy excuses. And you know what? You deserved it.

1. I'll just have a little taste.


There's something delicious nearby, impossible to resist. I'll just have one bite! you think. But one bite leads to two...leads to three...leads to a full-blown Cheat Day.

2. I'll work out later to make up for it.


Let the negotiations begin! You'll let yourself indulge in something from the "Do Not Eat" list–as long as you promise yourself you'll work out afterwards.

3. It's free.


An office birthday party. Grocery store samples. Whatever the scenario, how can you be expected to turn down free food?

4. I'm PMSing.


The body wants what the body wants. And when your body is PMSing, it wants all the salt–promptly followed by all the sweets.

5. I've been so good!

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You've been eating right and feeling good all week. Surely that deserves a reward, right?

6. I'm stressed.


Stress eating and comfort food: a match made in heaven.

7. It's a celebration!


If there's one day your diet doesn't exist, it's your birthday. (Actually, same goes for your significant other's/best friend's/sister's birthdays, too.)

8. I'm depressed.


When you're sad, you have every right to ditch the diet and grab some chocolate.

9. I'll get back on track tomorrow.


So what if you ruin your diet today? Tomorrow is a new day, a blank canvas, a fresh start for physical fitness.

10. Science says dark chocolate and wine are good for me.


If science is telling you to cheat on your diet, who are you to say no?

11. That salad just didn't fill me up.


You try to eat healthy–but fruits and veggies don't always give you that satisfying feeling of being full. Enter the bread basket.

12. It's Cheat Day!


There's no better excuse for cheating on your diet than designating a weekly Cheat Day. Anything goes–and you don't feel guilty about it.

13. I deserve it.


Hell yeah, you deserve it. Treat yourself!

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