#ChooseWOMEN This Xmas W/ Gifts That Don't Suck According To Wendy Diamond

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You can't go wrong with CEO, Wendy Diamond's favorite Christmas gifts!

The time to splurge on gifts for family and friends has finally arrived! This season, Ceo & Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), Wendy Diamond, believes in two things. Buying gifts that don't suck and making it a priority to buy gifts from female owned companies.

One might ask: Why does the world need to support women founders? The answer lives within these basic facts:  Women account for 85 percent of consumer purchases and control $20 trillion in worldwide spending. At the same time, they perform 66 percent of the world’s work and only earn 10 percent of the world’s income.

As Wendy says, “You shop, she thrives!” Below you will find the top 5 Christmas gifts that Wendy recommends! Your favorite people will be ecstatic to receive gifts that Wendy believes don’t suck! This Holiday season be sure to #ChooseWOMEN!

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Top 5 Must-Have Holiday Gifts From Women Owned Companies

1. The Sill ZZ Plant

Though many of us aspire to be plant parents and cultivate a lush garden of blooming pals inside our homes, not all of us have a green thumb. Eliza Blank founded The Sill as a direct-to-consumer houseplant company that provides detailed care and watering instructions, making it easy for anyone to nurture and take care of what's inside their planters. The ZZ Plant, in particular, is a great one to gift because it's drought-tolerant, so even if your giftee is forgetful, this plant should be resilient enough to still flourish under their care. You’ll be a proud plant parent with beautiful blooms in no time!

ZZ Plant Price Range: From $52.00

2. Basepaws Inc.

Cat lovers are a rare breed. Tending to their fur babies is taken to a whole new level with Basepaws Genetic Testing Kits. Their upgraded digital report will provide results for over 115 known feline genetic health markers.

Basepaw was founded by cat lover Anna Skaya. Basepaws was even featured in season 10 of Shark Tank! Their wide range of testing kits are the answer to ‘Affordable at-home feline health testing for every cat parent.’ There’s a kit to fill every feline health need for the ultimate in prevention & early detection.

Breed and Health DNA Test– to learn more about your cat’s breed, health, traits, and habits

Dental Health Test – and claims to be the only screening test for most major cat dental conditions

Whole Genome Sequencing– analyzes a cat’s entire genome

Price Range: From $59.00 to $399.00

A healthy cat is a happy cat! The insights you’ll receive on your fur baby are practically “Im-pawsible” without Basepaws cutting edge genome kits.

3. Jiggy Puzzles Subscription

Holiday blues? As the days grow darker, we'll be spending an increasing amount of time in our homes and will need activities to keep us busy. Jiggy Puzzles is a Shark Tank-approved brand created by Kaylin Marcotte. She found that puzzles were the perfect stress reliever that helped her to unwind after working long days at a high pressure start-up. The company offers creative monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly subscription boxes featuring a new puzzle designed by up-and-coming artists that could entertain your friend all year long. There’s no need to be puzzled in your search for the perfect holiday gift with Jiggy Puzzles Subscriptions.

Price Range: $29.00

4. Gourmet Truffle Box from Paige Patisserie

Paige Patisserie is the sensational sweets showstopper. It’s the ultimate gift for friends & family this holiday season who happen to have a sweet tooth. Paige is an unrivaled dessert experience for those chocolate lovers on your list to tantalize their taste buds with delectable gourmet truffles that melt in your mouth. Their Signature Truffles come in the most tempting variety of delicious flavors, from peanut butter and caramel to strawberry and peppermint and lots more. Give a unique gift from Paige Patisserie to a unique person this holiday season because they deserve it!

Company: Paige Patisserie

Founder: Lindsey Lannan

Price Range: One box of 10 truffles costs $53

“We are a unique dessert company that designs gourmet truffles. We create our products from organic chocolate, imported from Ghana, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Our chocolate is stone-ground using Molinos. The minimal processing preserves its rich, bold flavors, and gives it a more gritty, natural texture. Also, we buy direct trade, which ensures that the small farms that produce our chocolate receive the payment they deserve.”

5. Katia Designs

Custom designed jewelry with inspirational messages by Founder, Catherine Rudnick. What woman doesn’t love to sparkle over the holidays? Give yourself or a loved one an extra special gift this holiday season from Katia Designs. Each necklace is custom designed by YOU, giving you an endless array of messages brimming with positivity. Every necklace comes with a smile guarantee! The innovative designs include a brilliant magnetic clasp that can be adjusted to instantly transform from a choker to a longer pendant necklace. You choose the crystal, the pendant and the inspirational message and you’ll have a custom designed piece in no time! Every necklace can be worn separately or layered for an extra WOW effect!

Prices Range: From $59 to $139.

Do you have any recommendations for women who want to start their own business?

I believe if you have these 5 Ps you can be an entrepreneur – Passion, Persistence, Perseverance, Positivity and Purpose – learning these traits you can do anything in this world!

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