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Tune in to our discussion with Kelly Jenrette!

Lights, Camera, Action! is going live with Emmy-nominated, actress Kelly Jenrette. @Kellymjenrette comes from a long line of recognizable work! Many know her from her Emmy nomination as “Annie” in Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale" and her roles on Manhunt: Deadly Games and Grandfathered.

In honor of the seasonal finale airing this Monday, the 23rd, Jenrette is joining us to speak about The CW’s new series, All-American: Homecoming! Jenrette stars as Dr. Amara Patterson. Amara is a truth seeker who sets out for what she believes in but is consistently dealing with the consequences of her actions.

Tune in live this Thursday, May 19th at 3:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm EST as Jenrette shares her experience starring as Amara. We will be sharing juicy tea such as behind-the-scenes details and so much more!

About Kelly Jenrette

Growing up with 5 siblings, Kelly is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Georgia State University. Jenrette moved to Los Angeles back in 2006 and seven years later, she officially booked her first co-star role on Happy Endings! As the years continued, Kelly’s career and resume began to truly bloom!

Today, Jenrette is well known for her roles on Manhunt: Deadly Games and Grandfathered. She is also a Primetime Emmy-nominated actress for her portrayal of Annie in Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

On the film front, she is streaming on Netflix with two original movies currently! These include “All Day and a Night” opposite Jeffrey Wright and Ashton Sanders as well as “Uncorked” alongside Courtney B. Vance and Niecy Nash.

Currently, she stars in The CW’s new series All-American: Homecoming. Jenrette plays, Dr. Amara Patterson, a main character on the show. Amara is a successful journalist-turned-journalism professor. She is the youngest professor at Bringston and is loved by her niece, Simone, and Simone’s friends. Amara is a truth seeker who continuously runs into challenges with administration. While she deals with the consequences of being the whistleblower behind Bringston’s baseball scandal, she comes across a new scandal that will change Bringston University forever. The season finale airs this Monday, May 23rd!

Be sure to tune in as we discuss her character, behind-the-scenes, and more!

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