Luxury Bath Salts & More! Meet The CEO & Founder of Pursoma **LIVE**

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Did you know that bathing can improve your overall health?

Are you in love with taking baths? Is detoxing from everyday social norms crucial to your wellbeing? If so, tune in this Friday, March 4th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST to watch IG @womendotcom go live with the Founder of @pursoma, Shannon Vaughn.

About Shannon Vaughn

Shannon Vaughn, the founder of Pursoma, had an incredibly unique journey to creating soaks and body treatments. While suffering from PTSD after a building exploded near her, she endured agonizing pain from ovarian cysts. As she continued to search for treatments that were alternative to surgery and medication, Shannon’s Doctor advised that she begin detox bathing.

Shannon founded Pursoma once she believed in the ritual of bathing. Through her experiences with holistic and Ayurvedic healing, Pursoma soaks and body treatments were designed to improve wellness and help others reclaim healthier lives.

Shannon owns the trademark digital detox.

About Pursoma

Pursoma is a female-forward, female-invested, and female-run business. Pursoma soaks and body treatments have been created to fight urban toxicity. They believe that digital detoxing is the key to modern-day wellness. To help reduce and minimize the use of devices that surround everyone with anxiety, insomnia, and harmful chemicals, their body treatments are designed to calm anxiety and promote a higher quality of sleep.

Pursoma products are made with clean and sustainable ingredients such as Pursoma Salt. Unlike Epsom salt, which is made out of sodium chloride and then processed in a factory, Pursoma salt comes from the sea.

Pursoma soaks include farm-harvested natural and mineral-rich Sea Salt and other elements that are 100% non-toxic, non-GMO, EWG verified, vegan, SLS-sulfate-paraben, and cruelty-free. Through social responsibility and sustainability initiatives, the company aims to help improve the planet’s health.

"From therapeutic natural bath and body treatments, to nourishing foods, exercise and spiritual practices, I am here to share with you the tools, support and wisdom that have been so powerful in my own journey of self-care, healing and wellness."

-Shannon Vaughn

If you are ready to put the phone down and unwind at the end of the day, don’t miss the live opportunity to hear Shannon’s story, her insights, and the importance behind her all-natural brand, Pursoma.

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